Surpasses 2,753 High-End Medical Leads Within 24 Months Using a Simple Three Step Online Checklist Called T.A.D.

Share Article utilizes a simple online checklist responsible for producing thousands of high-end leads within 24 months.

747 inbound phone calls

The internet is becoming noisier by the day. If you don’t know how to stand out... it’s going to be costly.

Using the power of the internet, has managed to produce more than 2,753 high-end medical leads utilizing a simple online checklist. Over a period of just 24 months, thousands of individuals interested in a medical procedure managed to be rounded up with the assistance of an online checklist called T.A.D.

“The internet is not getting quieter. In fact it’s becoming noisier by the day. If you don’t know how to stand out and grab market share, it’s going to be costly. Competitors will slowly but surely edge you out,” said Idris founder of

In September 2014, the internet saw its first billionth website. In 2020, 75 billion electronic devices will be hooked up to the internet. And when the Internet of Things is factored in, it’s easy to see how messy, noisy and busy the world’s biggest interconnected market place is.

In 24 months, together with the T.A.D. 3 step checklist for high quality, high end lead generation, produced over 2,753 high-end leads, where the value of each sale is priced at an average of $10,000.00.

This system has proven itself in the toughest environment.

“By international standards, Singapore’s regulatory regime - when it comes to the medical industry - is one of the toughest. Clinics aren’t even allowed to advertise before and after pictures of procedures. You can’t even publicize videos or written testimonials,” adds Idris.

It was in this challenging space that the T.A.D. system was birthed. While other companies struggled to acquire clients, those working with T.A.D. saw a dramatic boost to their bottom line.

This 3 step checklist produced over 2,753 high-end leads and the great news is that anyone can get all the details on executing this for their company without paying any fee.

To receive the checklist and quickly implement T.A.D. for any medical organization, all you have to do is go to and download it. While others would happily charge an arm and a leg for this information, it’s now available for immediate access.

Medical clinics and companies desiring more attention in today's crowded space should consider to up their online marketing strategies. It's important to be timely, as the more time ticks on, the more likely it is the online space will become more competitive.

About Idris was pulled aside at 14 by his English teacher, “you write really well, I need to group you into a class with others like yourself”… He said “no” to the eager teacher who desperately wanted to polish his writing skills.

However, years later, the memory of this incident prompted him to take the plunge writing direct response copy for clients. After initially stumbling forward, Idris then proceeded to produce numerous winning marketing campaigns for clients across 15 industries and 3 continents.

Today he is one of Singapore’s top copywriters. He has mastered the craft of generating traffic with white hat Google SEO and web design to boot.

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