Waismann Method® Answers the Nation’s Call for Effective Medical Detoxification as America’s Opioid Epidemic Teeters on Pandemic

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Leading Anesthesia-Assisted Rapid Detox Center is Setting a Standard Against the Harmful Labeling and Social Stigmas Related to Opioid Dependence

In a time when opioid overdoses are at an all time high, the Waismann Method® is providing all-inclusive opioid dependence and addiction treatment program.

The Waismann Method® is providing a faster, safer, and more humane medical detox treatment to the thousands of individuals who have recently fallen victim to America’s opioid epidemic. Now, opiate dependent individuals can be treated in a private accredited hospital in Orange County, California, where they are free from the shame, stigma, and harmful labeling believed to prevent many of these victims from seeking treatment in the first place.

“Close to one hundred people die from an opioid overdose each day in this country,” says Clare Waismann CATC, and founder of the Waismann Method®. “Many of them are prescribed these drugs for pain management, and before they know it, they have become physically dependent upon them. Our opioid treatment protocols are designed and modified to fit each patient's specific needs. An individualized medical detox can effectively and safely reverse opioid physical dependence and should be widely available for those in need.”

Focusing solely on the treatment of opioid dependence, the Waismann Method® has been recognized as the leading rapid detox center provider for nearly 20 years. Rapid detox is a hospital-based anesthesia assisted procedure that rapidly induces an opioid detoxification while blocking most of the withdrawal syndrome. While under sedation, the patient is not subject to severe discomfort, which is often the cause of failure or hesitation to obtain treatment. After rapid drug detox, different options of naltrexone maintenance can be immediately initiated to reduce cravings and the risk of relapse.

The anesthesia-assisted opiate detox takes place in a private room of an ICU and under the supervision of a quadruple board-certified physician, Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein. Dr. Lowenstein specializes in Addiction Medicine, Pain Management, Anesthesiology, and Regenerative Medicine. Patients are admitted to a private hospital where they usually remain for two to four days. Once deemed medically stable, they are moved to an exclusive recovery center, Domus Retreat. At the recovery center, they receive around the clock physical and emotional support, assistance, and guidance.

“There is often so much shame and judgment in a conventional drug detox setting and surprisingly, very little medical support,” says Waismann. “For elderly patients or individuals with additional medical conditions, the physical stress, pain, and fear of detox can be too much or even risky to endure; what often keeps them from obtaining the medical help they so desperately need. Our goal is to provide patients with an opiate detoxification option that is safe, comfortable and ultimately successful. Now, patients between the ages of 18 and 80 years of age can be medically assisted while overcoming their dependence on prescription opiates and heroin, regardless of the reasons they started their use.”

In a time when opioid overdoses are at an all time high, the Waismann Method® is providing all-inclusive opioid dependence and addiction treatment program. The program includes a medical opioid detoxification in a private hospital, as well as several days in a specialized recovery center. Approximately 98 percent of patients complete the Waismann Method® detoxification and are then empowered to move on to a productive and opiate-free life and with the individualized emotional support of their choosing.

For more information, please visit https://www.opiates.com.

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