Lighthouse Charity Team Publishes “Cooking for a Cause – How a Small Group of Loyal Texas Volunteers Raised Over $20,000,000 for Charity”

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Newly Released Book Offers Insights on How Organizations Build and Maintain Loyalty Within Their Volunteer Teams

Lighthouse Charity Team (LCT) ( founders Dick and Horacene Daugird and Scott Gordon along with internationally published author Lorraine Grubbs (, announce the publication of a new book, “Cooking for a Cause – How a Small Group of Loyal Texas Volunteers Raised Over $20,000,000 for Charity.” This innovative book reveals the secrets of how one charity, based in the communities of Galveston and Friendswood, Texas, develops and inspires loyal volunteers that understand and personify the role of servant leaders.

Cooking for a Cause is the story of how determined and selfless individuals took a passion for cooking and turned it into a world-class non-profit organization serving others. From humble beginnings cooking barbecue on a backyard pit to feeding thousands from a fleet of customized cooking trailers, the Daugirds and Scott Gordon have raised over $20,000,000 and helped hundreds of charities and thousands of people throughout communities in Galveston and Friendswood.

This unique non-profit model offers inspiration and guidance for those wanting to start a cooking charity that serves the needs of and positively impacts the community. Stories outlined in the book include:

  • First Responders working in natural or man made disaster relief;
  • Children and adults in need of help with medical bills; and
  • Other charities looking for great partners to assist in fundraising activities.

The book shares principles and practices the Daugirds and Gordon utilized to create a team of “Warrior Spirited” volunteers who continue to make a significant impact in local Texas communities. Inside the book are guidelines for other organizations to create a “Cooking for a Cause” team to ultimately improve a community, one meal at a time.

“What makes “Cooking for a Cause” so unique is the way the Daugirds and Gordon apply the principles that award-winning companies use to create strong, resilient and very effective employee cultures to their warrior-spirited group of volunteers. I am honored to tell their story,” explains Lorraine Grubbs, president of Lessons in Loyalty. “Companies who lose employees and have high turnover know it’s costly and affects morale, productivity, customer service and teamwork. Loyal employees will be more courteous and resourceful with customers. They’ll dig deeper when a project requires creativity, be more tolerant in frustrating situations and demonstrate persistence and determination when the going gets tough. LCT’s founders understood this and have built an incredibly successful fundraising model.”

For more than 20 years, the Daugirds and Gordon have worked selflessly dedicating their time away from their insurance business to ensure the needs can be met of those who seek their assistance.

“We’ve been a sponsor and supporter of LCT for twenty years. When it comes to making a difference in our neighboring communities and beyond, our investment in the organization has been highly gratifying,” comments Larry Del Papa, president of Del Papa Distributing who wrote the Introduction for the book. “Their motto of People Helping People is exactly what they do and we are excited to be included in the book.”

“Cooking for a Cause” is available as a softcover book and e-book available on Grubbs’ web site – and through the LCT website

About “Cooking for a Cause”

Cooking for a Cause evolved out of the Daugird’s and Gordon’s desire to help communities create cooking teams where volunteers can make an impact helping first responders in emergency situations, children and adults in need of assistance with medical bills, and other charities with meeting fundraising goals.

About the Daugirds and the Gordons
As successful business owners and community leaders, they create an environment where volunteers and sponsors participate in their mission because they want to, not because they have to. They built a blueprint that successful, award-winning corporations understand, and applied it to the non-profit world. Centered around respect, loyalty, and engagement of their people, their “People Helping People” philosophy has served them well and demonstrates that by putting people first, donations will follow and fundraising goals are met. For further information, please visit

About Lorraine Grubbs
Lorraine Grubbs, was part of the Southwest Airlines Leadership Team for over 15 years. She has more than 30 years of experience as a leader, author and executive coach working exclusively in the field of how to build and retain loyalty in business. She has written three other books providing lessons about loyalty, leadership, and outrageous training tactics, and outline proven and validated principles utilized by companies who put their employees first.

  • Lessons in Loyalty – How Southwest Airlines Does it – an Insider’s View.
  • Beyond the Executive Comfort Zone; Outrageous Tactics to Ignite Individual Performance, with Frank Granara.
  • How to Create a Happy Workplace – What Award Winning Companies Know

She regularly contributes articles to a variety of publications, and is a guest lecturer at Rice University and the University of Houston’s Executive MBA program. When not working, and flying, you’ll find Grubbs living aboard her boat “Loyalty”, in Galveston, Texas. For more information, please visit or contact Grubbs at 281-813-0305.

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