Is Trump’s America Qualified to Compete on the World’s Stage?

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CMRubinWorld Founder C. M. Rubin goes in-depth with leading Global expert Marc Tucker on poverty, the economy, and the future of education.

Fears of rising unemployment fueled by automation of millions of jobs requires more focus on what education is needed to foster the skills and training people need for a future of Artificial Intelligence. How are education systems around the world responding to a constantly changing environment? How is the United States dealing with lost jobs that now can be done more cheaply and reliably by machines?

Marc Tucker wants to make sure that we all know that even though “manufacturing output is increasing in America… the manufacturing workforce has been getting smaller and smaller as the machines take over.” The reality of the situation is that “Those jobs are never coming back. Those that do well will be the very highly skilled workers who make the machines that make the machines.”

Tucker, who describes his work as helping the US adapt to “the changes taking place in the global economy,” notes that a growing number of nations have institutional structures that are “designed to help the schools understand and respond to changes continuously.” He warns of possible catastrophe if the US continues down the road it is on and is concerned “that the foundations of our liberal democracies are under challenge now to a degree not seen since the end of the Second World War.” On visits to research Asian systems, Tucker says he’s been impressed with the “emphasis on values as the people in those countries talk about what is most important to them in their systems.”

Marc Tucker is president of the National Center on Education and the Economy. Mr. Tucker is an internationally recognized expert on academic and occupational standards and assessment, and has also been among the leaders in researching the policies and practices of the countries with the best education systems in the world. He authored the 1986 Carnegie Report, "A Nation Prepared: Teachers for the 21st Century."

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