How Much Is Your Face Worth: The $8 a Day Face Is Revealed

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Leading beauty retailer SkinStore has revealed women apply a minimum of 16 products to their faces before leaving the house, as the average daily face costs $8 per day.

East Coast women have the most expensive faces, with West Coasters having the 'cheapest'

SkinStore has revealed the average ‘worth’ value of a woman’s face, costing $8 per day. This is boosted by the revelation that 85% of women apply a minimum of 16 skincare and cosmetic products every day before leaving home.

When it comes to the most expensive faces, it appears East Coast women win. Women in New York, Connecticut and West Virginia spend the most with an average ‘face rate’ of $11. This results in spending up to $300,000 a lifetime. This differs dramatically to the West Coast, with women in Utah, Colorado, and Montana spending a much lower $5 on their daily faces.

Taking into consideration the beauty routines of over 3,000 women, SkinStore reveals modern day women are now taking greater care of their faces than ever before.

The survey revealed:

  • Average daily face value of a women costs $8 per day (using skincare and makeup)
  • This results to $250 a month and up to $300,000 a lifetime - purely on their faces
  • East Coast women have the most expensive faces, with New York, Connecticut and West Virginia spending $11 on their face per day (more costly than the average daily takeout lunch plus Starbucks coffee)
  • West Coasters have the ‘cheapest faces’, spending $4 per day - $7 less than the East.
  • Montana ladies are the cheapest, with a daily face value of just $3.50
  • Women apply 16 products on average every morning, from eye creams to moisturizers, foundations to lipsticks.
  • Although women are spending more on their face, beauty regimes are getting faster. The average woman spends 10 minutes applying her ’16 step face’ , and just 7 minutes cleansing and removing it at night.
  • Californian ladies are the quickest to get their face ready, taking a speedy 3 minutes. New Yorkers take the longest, racking up an average of 21 minutes

The daily face rate is a result of the combination of products used each morning, with today’s regime ranging from anti-aging moisturizers and brightening eye creams, to blemish-hiding foundations and lash extending mascaras.

Emma Campbell, Head of Editorial at SkinStore, said: 'When you consider the daily grooming steps, these costs are very relative. Women aren’t spending hundreds of pounds on one luxury cream - its day-to-day recommended regimes to help tackle concerns, like acne, blemishes, wrinkles, pigmentation and dark circles. At SkinStore we are increasingly seeing customers adding extra items which provide more professional, instant results, regardless of spending more.’

‘There has been a huge rise in advanced treatment products which now professionally solve beauty concerns. These treatments are speeding up makeup application times and giving women newly found confidence every day’.

The figures show that per day, $5 of the average face spend goes towards the skincare products used, and a further $3 on makeup.

Full breakdown below.

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Average daily spend per product:

Product    Daily Rate
Facial wash    0.53
Toner            0.42
Serum            0.71
Moisturiser    0.75
Eye Cream    0.73
Primer            0.37
Concealer    0.51
Foundation    0.71
Powder            0.43
Blusher            0.34
Bronzer            0.34
Highlighter    0.31
Eyeliner            0.31
Mascara    0.38
Eyeshadow    0.32
Brow            0.41
Lipstick            0.43

Top 10 Most Expensive Faces

Most Expensive Faces Daily Rate
New York                     $11
Connecticut                    $11
West Virginia                     $11
New Jersey                    $10.50
Wyoming                            $10.50
California                     $9.50
Delaware                            $9
Iowa                            $9
South Carolina            $9
Massachusetts            $8.50

Top 10 Cheapest Faces

Cheapest Faces     Daily Rate
Montana                    $3.50
Utah                    $4.50
Colorado                    $5
New Mexico            $5
Maine                    $5
North Dakota            $5.50
Vermont                    $5.50
Alabama                    $6
Mississippi            $6.50
Ohio                    $7

Note to Editors:
The survey was carried out across 3,000 U.S based, female respondents.

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