Euromed's Milk Thistle Extract Shown in New Study to Helping to Reduce Inflammatory Activity in Human Liver and Immune Cells

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Good News to Fight Chronic Inflammation: Just-published in PLOS ONE, study on silymarin from Euromed's high quality milk thistle extract shows it helps regulate inflammation in both normal and altered states of health.

PhytoProof, To BE SURE

We here at Euromed, the world's leading manufacturer of milk thistle extract, are very excited that this new study opens the door to an emerging health benefit, that of counteracting pro-inflammatory conditions.

With the February 3rd publication of this study, good health news is here for all those who suffer from inflammation, which is the root cause of a wide variety of health conditions. The study indicates that by using the pure high quality Milk Thistle extract from Euromed it may be possible to regulate inflammation by its actions of altering cellular metabolism and inhibiting inflammatory activity in human liver and immune cells.

The study, entitled “Silymarin suppresses basal and stimulus-induced activation, exhaustion, differentiation, and inflammatory markers in primary human immune cells,” was written by Erica S. Lovelace , et al. Here is the link to the complete study online: This research was conducted by the University of Washington, and was supported under a grant from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH).

Chronic Inflammation: Winning the Battle
Inflammation is the body’s natural response to all kinds of environmental threats: germs, toxins, environmental pollutants, injury, stress, a variety of microorganisms, and other harmful influences. The process involves immune, vascular, and cellular biochemical reactions which work to remove the offenders and protect tissues from damage. On a basic level, this natural defense mode works to shield the body’s systems and initiate the healing process. However, when people experience a chronic state of inflammation, it can have serious effects on the body’s cellular health, and has been linked to numerous degenerative diseases.

Immune activation causes production of substances that stimulate migration of circulating white blood cells to go to the site of inflammation. When persistent exposure to microorganisms exists, a state of dysregulated inflammation can occur, establishing a state of chronic immune activation that can potentially lead to a variety of health issues. In this study, Euromed’s milk thistle extract (Powdered extract of the seeds (achenes) of Silybum marianum [L.] Gaertn) elicits broad anti-inflammatory and immune-regulating activity in primary human immune cells from both normal people and those individuals with HIV.

World Leader of Milk Thistle Extract: Euromed, Barcelona, Spain
Euromed’s milk thistle extract was specifically selected for use in this study because of the fact that they are the world’s leading manufacturer of milk thistle extract. The company was established in 1971 for manufacturing the milk thistle extract to be used for the pharmaceutical product, Legalon® marketed by Madaus A.G. in Germany. Euromed has established cultivation of Silybum marianum seeds in 3 countries in Europe using its proprietary cultivar of “elite seeds.” The firm has complete traceability from the seed to the finished extract following its Phyto-Proof® process of quality control. This includes a minimum of 20 laboratory tests from the starting seed to the finished extract. Its milk thistle extract contains a full complement of all 6 silymarin isomers -- in the proper ratio for bioactivity -- as referenced in the US and European Pharmacopeia Official Milk Thistle Extract Monographs.

“We are very excited that this new study opens the door to an emerging health benefit of Euromed’s milk thistle extract, that of counteracting pro-inflammatory conditions present in some individuals,” stated Guy Woodman, General Manager for Euromed USA.

Dietary supplement users consuming milk thistle extract for its protective liver and antioxidant benefits may also benefit from its suppression of inflammatory metabolic pathways. “Euromed’s milk thistle extract offers promise to individuals experiencing dysregulation of normal inflammation due to chronic exposure to environmental agents,” according to Pilar Pais, Ph.D. Technical Director of Euromed S.A.

Euromed supplies standardized botanical and herbal extracts and natural active substances for use in the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. By concentrating phytochemicals nature has provided, the company can guarantee that each batch of its extracts meets the same profile documented in clinical studies to be safe and effective. Euromed was founded 46 years ago; the company was recently acquired by The Riverside Company, with its US offices located in Presto, Pennsylvania. For additional information about Euromed’s extracts, call 412-279-8808 or email BeSure(at) and visit

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