Beet It, the Beet Concentrate Standard for 200+ Clinical Studies, Launches US Rollout with 1500-store Debut

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Beet juice is becoming a new superfood, thanks to its ability to boost endurance and strength, and to manage blood pressure. Now Beet It, the world's #1 nitrate supplement, is launching a US rollout beginning with 1500 major retail locations.

Beet juice has become a sensation in recent years thanks to its ability to boost endurance and strength in athletes, and to manage blood pressure for people of all ages. Now Beet It, following online sales success with Amazon and Lucky Vitamin, is launching a US rollout beginning with 1500 major retail locations. The rollout includes both beet-based product lines, Beet It Sport, the world’s best-selling natural nitrate supplements, and Beet It beet juice, the all-natural, 100% fresh pressed juice for health-conscious shoppers, mixologists and cooks across the country.

“Bringing Beet It to wide US distribution for the first time is a significant milestone for us,” says Lawrence Mallinson, Managing Director for James White Drinks, Beet It’s UK-based parent company. “The market is getting crowded with different beet-based products making sometimes dubious claims. We’re proud to introduce Beet It Sport beet juice concentrate shot, which has become the de facto standard for research worldwide, due to its unique ability to deliver a consistent 400mg dose of dietary nitrate in each bottle.”

The Beet It product lines include:
Beet It Sport Shots and Bars: For athletes in any sport looking for a competitive edge, and for anyone looking to better manage blood pressure. The only brand that delivers a consistent and reliable dose of dietary nitrate — the key to athletic performance improvement. Each 2.4 fl oz Beet It Sport Shot delivers 400mg of nitrate. Each 1.4 oz Beet It Sport Bar delivers 200mg of nitrate.

Beet It beet juice: For active adults, families, and anyone looking for a refreshing, delicious way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of beet juice. 100% pressed juice — not from concentrate. All-natural ingredients: 90% beet juice, 10% apple juice. Available in 25.4 fl oz glass and 8.5 fl oz PET bottles.

Beet It’s growing roster of major chains includes Kroger, Whole Foods Markets, Jewel-Osco, King Sooper’s and more. Kim Ourada, EVP North America, calls the brand’s reception among retailers and consumers “both warm and enthusiastic. Our Sport products and beet juices actually taste good. So whether you’re an athlete, a cardio patient or parent looking for better nutrition for the family, it’s just easier to benefit from all the vitamins, nutrients and especially the nitrates that beets have to offer.”

In addition to retail distribution across the country, the Beet It roll-out includes a new, dedicated US website,, a source of related information about the nutritional and sports performance benefits of each product in the Beet It brand family with recipes, news and more.

Beet It is a world leader in beet juice, and Beet It Sport is the No.1 natural nitrate supplement in the world. Beet It brand’s parent company is James White Drinks, one of the leading fruit and vegetable juice firms in the UK.

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Relevant research exploring the connection between nitrate consumption and improved athletic performance:
Improved endurance and stamina (overall)

  • Concentrated beet juice shown to improve cardiorespiratory endurance in athletes, increase time to exhaustion, and may increase maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max)
  • Domînguez et al (2017) Effects of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Cardiorespiratory Endurance in Athletes. A Systematic Review.

Improved sprint performance

  • One Beet It Sport Shot per day shown to significantly improve maximal sprint running performance by an average of 2.5%.
  • Thompson, et al (2017) The effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on the adaptations to sprint interval training in previously untrained males.

Lowered blood pressure/ hypertensive patients

  • Beet juice shown to lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 8.1 and 3.8 mmHg, respectively, in patients with hypertension.“
  • These findings suggest a role for dietary nitrate as an affordable, readily-available, adjunctive treatment in the management of hypertensive patients.”
  • Kapil, et al (2015) Dietary nitrate provides sustained blood pressure lowering in hypertensive patients: a randomized, phase 2, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

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