Right2Speak Women’s Initiative Announces Positive Counter-Movement to the National “Day Without a Woman” Protest on Wednesday, March 8

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Women’s group is giving all women the right to have a positive voice in politics with the message #NotMyProtest and #WeShowUp.


We believe all women have the right to speak, the right to participate and the right to express their values without being dismissed.

On March 8 Right2Speak.org encourages women who feel their voices are being ignored in the current political climate to participate in #NotMyProtest as a positive counter-movement to the “Day Without a Woman” protest. Instead of not going to work that day, the Right2Speak.org initiative gives hard-working, difference-making women in America the opportunity to spread the message #WeShowUp. This movement is taking place online @Right2Speakorg, on facebook Right2Speakorg, on Instagram @right2speak and Power Lunches throughout the nation.

“Sometimes society gets consumed with the chaos surrounding the current protest environment. But when you stop to pause, there is a real need to make sure our voices are heard, regardless of how loud the left tries to be,” said LeeAnn Johnson, Right2Speak Columbus, OH Regional Spokeswoman. “We don’t feel like the voices on the far left represent all women. We need to look at this whole women’s issue in a broader perspective. We won’t allow our voices to be drowned out, instead we will participate with grace and dignity. The heartland of America often gets ignored, and we’re standing up so that our voice is heard.”

#Right2Speak is a group of conservative and liberty-loving Americans who proudly serve as a gracious counter-balance to the extreme liberal voices attempting to represent all women in the mainstream media and social media on matters of policy and personal freedoms. The group was formed in 2017 to deliver the message that the protests of the Women’s March movement do not represent all women. Right2Speak.org gives a platform to women who value truly free speech where they debate differences without fear or threats or being socially ostracized. #Right2Speak.org is based on the tenet “Engage, Educate and Elevate the Debate.” The grass-roots organization is promoting a positive message of freedom in the angry political climate where the extreme left refuses to allow for unity and civility.

“With disproportionate media attention going to the recent Women’s March movement, there is a very important story that is not being told,” said Toni Anne Dashiell, Right2Speak Founder and TX National Committeewoman. “This is the story of the women in America who have been cast to the side by the spectacle of the extreme far left. We believe all women have the right to speak, the right to participate and the right to express their values without being dismissed. We encourage each woman to use her gifts, her skills and the talent only she can bring to the table, to show up to make a difference in the world, because the world needs us. Women are the difference makers ― we are more because #WeShowUp.”

On March 8 women can join #Right2Speak.org as they come together to say that the “Day Without a Woman” is #NotMyProtest. The initiative encourages women to do what they love to do, take a photo and tell the nation about it by posting their pictures to social media using the hashtag #NotMyProtest and #WeShowUp, as well as #Right2Speak. Their mission on this day is for women to continue working, serving, giving, sharing and loving their communities, their families and their endeavors. The group seeks to support women as they turn the day away from negativity to a positive force for good and show how women are really making a positive difference in the world. In addition, the group is hosting “Power Lunches” in Ohio, Wisconsin and Texas and urging other women to do the same, as well as to sign up on their website at http://www.Right2Speak.org.

“Women in the Midwest are more than the protests, more than the mob mentality,” said Robin Moore, Right2Speak Milwaukee Regional Spokeswomen. “We may not always agree with one another, but we will respect each other's voice. We are voices of reason and integrity, of both love and liberty. I will fight not just for my voice to be heard, but for the voices of all women who are being marginalized by this far-left movement.”

Right2Speak seeks to Engage, Educate, and Elevate the debate in all types of media, at all levels of engagement, across the nation, counteracting the angry mob think on matters of policy and personal freedoms. For millions of women this is #NotMyProtest. We are women working, raising children and serving our communities. Most of us are #TooBusytoMarch. We love this nation, we will not be bullied by the left, and we have the Right to Speak.

Our mission is three-fold: 1) Serve as a counterbalance to the far-left Women’s March & National “Day Without a Woman” strike. They do not speak for us, nor do they represent all women – #NotMyProtest. 2) Infuse civility to counteract angry, extreme liberal female voices in the mainstream media and on social media in the political sphere. 3) Call for a return to truly free speech and an atmosphere where we can debate our differences without fear or threat.

We are on a mission and we need YOUR voice, YOUR help:
Engage. Educate. Elevate the Debate. Join us and invite others to do the same. *Like us on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Right2Speakorg
*Follow us on Twitter @right2speakorg
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*Visit http://www.right2speak.org and sign up to receive updates
*To start a power lunch in your area, please email us at info(at)right2speak.org

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