Neuland Alliance and SUM Innovation Partner to Make US Expansion a Reality for Global Startups

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After seeing multiple global startups try (and fail) in their U.S. expansion strategies, Mathew Heggem and Sven Deichfuss teamed up to co-found Neuland Alliance, an infrastructure and network to help global entrepreneurs thrive in the United States.

Mathew Heggem, CEO of SUM Innovation, and Sven Deichfuss recently co-founded Neuland Alliance, a transatlantic consortium of specialists dedicated to serving global entrepreneurs in their U.S. expansions.

Neuland Alliance was born out of SUMtech, an annual summit produced by SUM Innovation. 2016's summit focused on helping global entrepreneurs tackle one of their most difficult challenges: expanding their businesses to the U.S. The summit set out to address key questions entrepreneurs face — particularly "what does it take to succeed as a global entrepreneur, and how do we make U.S. expansion a reality for more startups?"

For many U.S.-bound entrepreneurs, understanding the legal challenges, overcoming the cultural barriers, and adapting to different business settings — all while running a startup — is often too big a challenge to tackle alone. Heggem and Deichfuss had witnessed this firsthand.

"In the past few years, we've seen quite a few startups expand to the U.S. only to fail after just a few months," said Heggem. "Often, they underestimate the legal, cultural, and financial barriers of U.S. expansion. Sven and I hated seeing great people and ideas fail, so we teamed up to create an infrastructure to lower the barrier of entry for international startups — and that eventually led to Neuland Alliance."

Neuland Alliance's mission is to help entrepreneurs navigate their expansions by assessing their unique challenges, providing guidance and strategy, and giving them access to its network of market-entry professionals. Specifically, Neuland Alliance works to help global entrepreneurs surmount three common types of barriers: decision barriers, bureaucratic barriers, and traction barriers.

Decision barriers include challenges in understanding major risks and the difficulties involved with expansion. To that end, Neuland Alliance provides a step-by-step road map that details the major areas involved in expansion, thereby pre-exposing the startup to the potential challenges it will face based on its unique growth strategy.

To combat bureaucratic barriers, Neuland Alliance has dedicated specialists to help entrepreneurs assemble a team of lawyers, accountants, and other consultants. The organization also synchronizes the conversations between all of these service providers, reducing cognitive overload and premature service contracts, which helps entrepreneurs save time and money.

Traction barriers include cultural differences, as well as foresight on strategy and project management when expanding to an unfamiliar country — because doing business in the U.S. is far different than doing business in other countries. You need someone who's aware of the landscape, knows how to connect the dots, and can keep the service providers focused on key milestones. Neuland Alliance works with entrepreneurs to provide support, training, and access to critical resources so growing companies gain traction efficiently in a new country.

Neuland Alliance's goal is to become the go-to partner for top-tier European startups looking to expand in the U.S. Heggem and Deichfuss also hope to grow their network of specialists in various areas of expertise related to global entrepreneurship, becoming a source of job creation, innovation, and added value in the U.S. market.

About Neuland Alliance

Neuland Alliance helps global entrepreneurs expand into the U.S. market by providing comprehensive support services, including strategic consultation and project planning and access to legal, accounting, and other market-entry professionals. Through a combination of strategic consulting services, project planning, and collaborative relationships with a diverse group of specialists, Neuland Alliance constructs a tailored, intelligent road map for successful U.S. expansion.

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About SUM Innovation

SUM Innovation is an accounting management and consulting firm on a mission to help its clients grow! Its dynamic team of experts assesses, designs, implements, and manages accounting solutions for fast-growth startups, international businesses, established and growing businesses, and nonprofits across the U.S. Its key services include outsourced accounting, talent acquisition strategy consulting and recruiting, and accounting technology and training. SUM Innovation has worked with more than 550 clients in 35 industries and aims to be a continuous leader in the industry.

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