Audiotube Delivers “Fairtrade” Digital Music Distribution

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Audiotube LTD, the UK based Music Tech company has released a new Global distribution platform enabling self-distributed Artists and Independent Record Labels to distribute, market and monetise their content at cost in complete transparency.

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Audiotube delivers “Fairtrade” digital music distribution.

In the context of the fast developing self distributed Artists market, Scott de Mercado (Audiotube Founder and CEO) has sought to address the growing demand for more transparent Artist centric digital services. In 2015 Audiotube joined forces with Media tech executive and investor Xen Lategan, product developer and serial entrepreneur, Ted Nash and London based digital product design agency - Made by Fire. Together they set out to architect and develop a new Cloud-based Platform that delivers affordable, accountable, efficient and transparent solutions for digital distribution, marketing and monetisation for the music industry.

Following support from Google Cloud for Startups program and the European Commission, Audiotube has spent the past 2 years in R&D mode working closely with Artists, Managers and Record Labels, further developing the platform which is now being released Globally focusing on both mainstream and emerging markets.

Audiotube has its roots firmly planted in the Independent sector and has always championed the Independent Artist. The company has developed a strong partnership with Merlin (the leading Global Independent Rights Agency) and is a certified Merlin distributor. This relationship, coupled with Audiotube’s obsession to promote total transparency along the royalty trail, helps to solidify Audiotube’s strategic mission- the delivery of “Fairtrade music distribution.”

With a fully automated distribution platform and affiliate services such as Digital / Influencer Marketing, Ticketing, MCN and Publishing services, Audiotube now joins the ranks of a handful of Digital Distributors such as Believe Digital, AWAL and Revelator who like Audiotube, have all developed technology bridges into a broad Global network of Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and can seamlessly deliver content to these DSPs while pulling back royalties and reporting for Artists and Labels.

The Audiotube all-in-one Platform meets every Artist and Record Label’s needs; Host, manage, distribute, promote, monetise and track music content. The Audiotube Platform ensures maximum impact with minimum effort by promoting content and analysing performance results with an interface that is responsive, intuitive and accessible from anywhere and from any device.

Audiotube provides one of the most affordable distribution solutions for Artists and content owners. Audiotube’s competitive pricing is made possible in part by proprietary technology bridges, which tap directly into a Global network of Digital Service Providers, as well as a host of internal automations powered by Google Cloud-based technology. The result: 100% transparency - no hidden or additional costs for our users.

The company charges $8 / £8 / €8 per month, per Artist, to use the platform, along with a 2.25% commission on user royalties. Audiotube does not profit from this 2.25% commission charge (Audiotube pays through 100% of net receipts) - of that charge, 2% will go to Merlin by way of its administration fee in respect of licensing repertoire from the Audiotube platform into various DSPs for exploitation in 60+ territories and accounting royalties on that use back to Audiotube and .25% will go to CurrencyCloud, Audiotube’s automated royalty payment provider (royalties are paid every 30 days). Audiotube does not lock their users in; they offer a 1-month free trial, and users can leave anytime without penalty.

The Audiotube team consists of passionate music lovers and visionary thinkers, with decades of experience in Technology, Startups, and the Music Industry. Audiotube is supported by a prestigious set of partners and strategic shareholders, including Google, Merlin, Blue Mountain Publishing and MarathonArtists LABs with funding to date provided by private shareholders, including Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, and legendary musician Eric Clapton.

Scott de Mercado, Audiotube Founder / CEO says; We are excited to be launching this month. There has never been as much music readily available / consumed at any other point in time and after many years of the Music Industry trying to acclimatise to the exponential growth of tech and how it drastically disrupted the Music Sector, I believe that we are starting to see stabilisation. After spending most of 2015 and 2016 in R&D mode, working closely with Artists, Managers and Record Labels on developing the Audiotube distribution and marketing platform, we feel we now have one of the most transparent, affordable and easiest to use distribution solutions on the planet. Our aim at Audiotube is to be on the right side of the next wave of exponential growth and disruption and pass on this positioning to our users enabling them to make the most of the next music revolution. On our horizon; AI and Machine learning technologies that will power Audiotube’s content phasing and digital marketing algorithms, better helping content owners to maximise their ROI. With Audiotube’s ethos rooted in championing the Artist and pushing for Fairtrade in the music sector, the company will continue on its path to enhance the ability of Artists from around the World to keep us all singing and dancing.

Paul-Rene Albertini, Audiotube Chairman says; There has never been so much music created and played in everybody's life all over the World. Technology is lowering entry barriers and now opening the golden age for music and creators Globally. The number of Artists able to express themselves is growing exponentially in all markets. The Global talent pool impacting music listeners all over the world is already sourced in all markets in real time. Audiotube technology provides a solid state of the art platform and tools for self-distributed Artists and Labels Globally. But more importantly, besides its robust technology, Audiotube has developed the first self-distributed Artists "Fairtrade" transparent model as a natural evolution of the Artist support DNA of its founders which can be summarised as; Make Music and Cultures travel for a better World and never give up!

Chris Blackwell, Audiotube founding Investor says; We are now living in a time of real connectivity. Creativity and talent has never been so essential. Exporting Jamaican Music to the World was a cornerstone of how Island Records was built. Music has no frontiers (no borders). So, it is great to see that Audiotube is focused on empowering Artists from all over the World to “get up, and stand up for their rights”, better enabling them get their music heard and monetised.

Xen Lategan, Audiotube Investor & Chief Technology Advisor says; The music management industry has classically been controlled by a few major players - serving only the affluent and successful Artists. Technologies used are old and not designed for use by Musicians themselves - with few options for Artists who don’t understand content syndication, marketing spend optimisation, etc to self-manage their music growth. Audiotube’s modern platform aims to makes all the above easily accessible, leaving Artists to focus on their core skill, while technology does the rest. The next opportunity for Audiotube is to use all their Artist and performance data and blend it with machine learning. This will allow Audiotube to build an optimal content-phasing and distribution strategy for the Artist's specific objectives (eg. maximise their content visibility, maximise user engagement, maximise their revenue); something which previously needed specialised (and expensive) human expertise. The recent surge in AI and Machine learning interest in London, creates a perfect opportunity for Audiotube to base themselves at the intersection of machine learning and music management - aiming to create an automated music agent for everyone.

Barak Regev, Google Cloud Director for EMEA says; When we first met Audiotube they had a great technology solution for the Music Industry but a potential significant CAPEX requirement to develop and deploy their next gen digital distribution platform. After going through the opportunity in detail we realised that we could provide them with a innovative Cloud development environment that would drastically reduce their CAPEX and at the same time showed them how Google Cloud could reduce their OPEX giving them a faster time to market and a platform designed to cope with the Global market opportunity for Audiotube’s proposition. We were proud to get behind Audiotube and go above and beyond, much like we do for all our partners. At the same time, it is good to know that with Google Cloud solutions Audiotube is able to launch a solution that provides better transparency, efficiency and affordability for Artists.

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