FightfloodsUSA - Floods Are The Most Common Natural Disaster, 1 in 4 Flood Claims Are Filed In Low-To-Moderate Flood Risk Areas

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FightfloodsUSA offer a unique sandless flood bag that provides a proactive solution to STOP flooding.( NO Sand / NO Shovelling / NO Lifting/ NO hauling)

FightFloodsUSA - unique sandless flood bags STOP intrusive storm water damage. NO sand / NO shovelling / NO lifting./No hauling – Floods are America's most common natural disaster, so everyone is at risk. In fact, 1 in 4 flood claims are filed in low-to-moderate flood risk areas.

FightfloodsUSA offers a unique sandless flood bag a proactive solution to STOP flooding in your residence / your business facility / your community. (no sand / no shoveling / no lifting / no hauling.)

Flash floods are the #1 weather-related killer in the U.S. Flash floods can rapidly flood a low-lying area in less than 6 hours, rolling boulders, tearing out trees, and destroying buildings and bridges.

Coastal Hurricanes pack a triple punch: high winds, soaking rain, and flying debris. They can cause storm surges to coastal areas, as well as create heavy rainfall potentially causing flooding hundreds of miles inland. While all coastal areas are at risk, certain cities are particularly vulnerable.

When hurricanes weaken into tropical storms, they generate rainfall and flooding that can be especially damaging since the rain collects in one place. In 2001 Tropical Storm Allison produced more than 30 inches of rainfall in Houston in just a few days, flooding over 70,000 houses and destroying 2,744 homes.

Several areas of the country are at heightened risk for flooding due to heavy rains. The Northwest is at high risk due to La Niña conditions, which include: snow melts, heavy rains, and recent wildfires. And the Northeast is at high risk due to heavy rains produced from Nor’easters. This excessive amount of rainfall can happen throughout the year, putting your property at risk.

FighfloodsUSA with the patented Flood Avert sandless flood bags provides a proactive response to STOP flooding. The Flood Avert defense system is easy to setup. The Boom Tube uses water to STOP water! Simply deploy for 3 minutes in a water source to form an impenetrable barrier to rising floods. The Flood Rap flood screen STOPS water to a height of 3.5 feet. The Diverter tubes deploys to 2 x 10 ft. to divert, isolate and direct water away from the affected areas.

Don't risk your home, your family or your family heirlooms! Visit today to find out more about this revolutionary new product that fights back flood water and protects your home, your business, your community.

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FightfloodsUSA operates as a sales extension of Green Bag / Flood Avert (San Francisco, CA & Dublin, Ireland). Flood Avert defense system was developed in Australia and Ireland and was brought to the USA in early 2016.

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