Inmedix and Omegawave Announce Unique Strategic Collaboration

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First collaboration in the industry to commercialize elite sports testing as a medical application to enhance biomarker evaluation of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

Inmedix, the leader in heart rate variability (HRV) application as an informative diagnostic tool in autoimmune disease, today announced the establishment of a commercial collaboration with Omegawave Ltd. (Espoo, Finland). Omegawave is the industry-leading training and sports performance company used by multiple Olympic Federations, premier soccer teams, franchises from the NFL, MLS, NHL, and MLB as well as by numerous other sports organizations and individual athletes.

Inmedix secured a comprehensive license for use of Omegawave software algorithms and data analytics to continue to advance the development of clinical assessments and treatment outcomes for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), multiple sclerosis (MS) and other autoimmune diseases.

Inflammatory biomarkers have been a mainstay of autoimmune disease research, leading to discovery and management of a wide variety of FDA-approved treatments. Fight-or-flight stress, controlled by the brain through the autonomic nervous system (ANS), has recently been identified as a factor that correlates to RA disease severity and treatment response in clinical trials.1-4 Omegawave EKG-based analytics assess a variety of human factors essential to elite sports performance, including precise measurement of the ANS.

Using Omegawave analytic software algorithms, Inmedix reported how ANS state, as measured by its ANS Neuroscan™ prototype, predicted RA biologic treatment response at 52-weeks with 90% sensitivity and 95.7% specificity in a prospective, double-blinded, clinical trial of 33 patients5,6. A number of groups, including Inmedix7, have reported how optimizing ANS state may reduce disease severity and/or improve treatment outcome for patients with RA. In 2016, HRV measures of ANS dysregulation were found to precede the onset of RA8. Consequently, assessing and optimizing ANS state has become a focus not only to improve traditional immunosuppressive outcomes for patients with RA, but to also establish a pathway toward disease prevention.

“ANS state is arguably the most overlooked element of precision, personalized medicine. Its impact on immune function is often remarkable,” says Inmedix CEO and Co-founder, Andrew J. Holman, M.D. “With access to exceptional Omegawave technology, we hope to offer a new and better way to help patients with autoimmune diseases.”

“We are excited about this opportunity to take a leader in medical diagnostics and build a future platform together to enable their business,” says Omegawave CEO Gerard Bruen. “In addition, this is a pioneering field that Dr. Holman has spent many years using our product and perfecting his approach. We look forward to bringing the joint benefits to a wider audience beyond our current professional sports customer.”

About Inmedix, LLC
Seattle-based biotech Inmedix is committed to engaging in world class research to discover innovative solutions for pressing healthcare needs related to the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Inmedix’s ANS Neuroscan is the leading heart rate variability (HRV) application as an informative diagnostic tool in autoimmune disease, beginning with patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The company’s science and technology hopes to raise therapeutic outcomes so that patients will no longer need to cycle through failure of one therapeutic intervention after another. For more information, visit

About Omegawave
Omegawave specializes in the development of training and performance management solutions, providing athletes, teams and coaches a faster way to maximize results while avoiding injuries and overtraining.

Omegawave products enable athletes to quickly, non-stressfully and non-invasively assess how their body is responding to previous exertion while gaining insights to optimize their next training session. Routine
Omegawave assessments can be fluidly integrated into any training process to provide coaches with real-time data and crucial physiological information about their athletes.

Omegawave products are currently used by multiple Olympic Federations, premier soccer teams, franchises from the NFL, MLS, NHL, and MLB as well as by numerous other sports organizations and individual athletes. After devoting fifteen years to the support of so many world-class competitors, in April 2014 Omegawave was recognized by the UK-based Sports Technology Awards as the developer of the ‘Best Performance Technology for Elite Athletes.’ For more information, visit

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