Kenzai Explains How Injuries Happen and How to Prevent Them in “Why You Get Hurt”

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Kenzai Founder and CEO, Patrick Reynolds, shares stories of common injuries and explains how they typically occur and what can be done to prevent them.

Kenzai | Why You Get Hurt
You can replace your car or house. But you're stuck with the body you've got. Once it's broken, it's never going to be quite as good as it was before. - Patrick Reynolds, Founder and CEO, Kenzai

Kenzai explores the common themes with injuries and provides recommendations on how to prevent potentially life changing injuries before they occur.

Here’s a sample of injuries that people have shared with the Kenzai Team:

"I started playing basketball again last year. I went up for a jump shot, and when I came down my ankle just rolled over. I can't put a lot of pressure on it anymore."

"I ran a couple of marathons in my forties. I really enjoyed it but I blew out my knees so now it's just the elliptical for me."

"I was moving the refrigerator and felt a stabbing pain in my lumbar. Herniated my L4-L5 disc."

"I was at the gym and did this new type of lift that I saw in a magazine. I felt my lower back just give out on me and it still bothers me to this day."

"I was in yoga class and we were doing variations from full Pigeon Pose. I really went for it and ended up with a torn groin muscle."

"It was Thanksgiving and we were playing football in the backyard. I felt a weird crackling in my shoulder. Turned out to be a broken rotator cuff."

"I went for a big run to the top of the mountain on our last vacation. My shins have bothered me ever since."

There is a common thread between all these stories. The culprit behind these injuries isn't basketball, or running, or weight-lifting, it's novelty. In each case the person was injured doing something that was outside of their usual pattern of physical movement.

“Why You Get Hurt” continues to explore how the body handles physical activity and how people need to use good judgement to when considering activities that are outside their normal pattern of physical movement. Train up for activities correctly and enjoy them for much longer and at a higher skill level than someone who goes too hard too quickly and ends up on the injured list.

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About Kenzai Inc.:

Kenzai is a Berkeley, California based health and fitness company that offers comprehensive online training programs that help people around the world connect and get into great shape. Every Kenzai program focuses on four key areas (exercise, nutrition, education, and community) to get trainees into the best shape of their lives and sustain the results.

Kenzai offers three entry level programs: Kenzai Body, a 90-day program that focuses on fast efficient bodyweight based workouts; Kenzai Run, a 56-day program that helps new and experienced runners learn to train in a more structured way with better nutrition and full body conditioning to improve performance; and Kenzai Silver, a 56-day program for seniors, ages 60 and up, who want to be more active and have more energy to do the things they enjoy in life.

Entry programs start on the first Monday of each month from January through September. Visit the Kenzai website to learn more and inquire about the entry level programs:

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