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Share Article, which contains hundreds of free online tutorials on growing marijuana at home, partners with print cannabis horticulture magazine Grow to publish photographs of hydroponic marijuana plants in the 2017 "Indo Issue."

A pile of cannabis seeds. Seeds of different strains can be used to grow different varieties of cannabis plants.

Example of cannabis seeds, which can be purchased online by growers in legal states. Different strains of cannabis produce different effects, and many home growers prefer to grow a specific strain.

The marijuana growing industry has started creating more resources and tools like and Grow Magazine to serve the needs of growers who want a small indoor garden, as opposed to only serving big, for-profit grow operations.

California-based produced pictures of growing hydroponic cannabis plants which were published in the "Indo Issue" of Grow, a print magazine found in most book stores that is self-described as "The Quintessential Cannabis Horticulture Magazine."

The pictures featured growing cannabis plants using a small-scale hydroponic setup. tutorials and pictures have been featured in other print growing magazines, such as Skunk Magazine, and the website offers hundreds of free growing marijuana tutorials, including dozens of articles covering the various aspects of home-based hydroponic growing and setup.

One of the owners of, who goes by the pseudonym Nebula Haze, said, "More than half the states in the US have legalized cannabis for either medical or recreational use, with more poised for legalization later this year. Many of the new cannabis-friendly laws allow adults or patients to legally grow a small number of cannabis plants in the privacy of their home." Haze continued, "In response, the growing cannabis industry has started creating more resources and tools like and Grow Magazine to serve the needs of growers who want a small indoor garden as opposed to only serving big for-profit grow operations."

Hydroponic growing has emerged as a way to grow cannabis using less water and nutrients than traditional hand-watered soil growing methods, while also producing faster growth rates and quicker harvests. In the Deep Water Culture hydroponic method featured in the article, cannabis roots are suspended directly in an oxygenated reservoir of nutrient water.

As a result of plentiful amounts of oxygen at the roots, cannabis plants grow faster than they do in soil, and there's some evidence that hydroponic growing may even improve the overall potency of harvested cannabis flowers.

Since cannabis strain is such an important part of a grower's results, also shares how medical marijuana patients and legal residents can safely purchase cannabis seeds online.

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