Keep the Honorable Tradition; Let Stylized Blinders Out of the Cage and Get Ancient Heroes Back

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Shi DeRu will present a talk with Q & A on how traditional martial arts like Tai Chi and other traditional Kungfu or Karate can meet the demand of modern MMA in terms of combat while keeping traditions of respect and integrity. The event will be on June 30th, 207 at 4350 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 500A, Peachtree Corners, GA

CUng Le with his own  San Da "Coach"

Cung Le with his Original Sanshou Teacher

It is time for all the traditional martial arts schools to get back to work to keep their combat arts alive again.

June 30, 2017—Shaolin Grandmaster Shi DeRu will address the challenges modern martial artists face and will present ways to keep alive the honorable tradition and integrity of martial arts which enable traditional martial artists to do what they were meant to do best. The speech will be followed by a Q & A session. The conference begins at 8:00 PM on Friday June 30 on Shaolin Institute's main campus at 4350 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 500A, Peach Tree Corners, GA.

“It is time for all the traditional martial arts schools to get back to work,” said DeRu, the head master of Shaolin Institute, “to uphold the tradition of combat arts. Without combat arts tradition, we may have lost the soul of the arts.”

Indeed, the hot web public display of Tai Chi versus MMA in China may have demonstrated just that. It is true that modern people are living in a new era of quantum communication and a technological world with a reality of many conflicts, competitiveness, and fights for material things. But that does not mean people must void the ways the traditional martial artists face conflicts with fear. They have the full responsibility to defend and protect from any harm not only themselves but also the innocent and families as they were originally meant to do. Can they?

“The answer is no.” said DeRu. “Most martial artists can’t even defend themselves anymore just to keep their honor.” Society is indeed moving toward violence and conflicts. However, said the master, “We as martial artists must have prepared not only never to become victims of violence but to be able to protect oneself and the community” like Kung Fu Panda and Bruce Lee’s movies have depicted.

Martial artists must regain their old confidence, which only comes from a true sense of combat ability to defend and protect and deal with unavoidable violent situations as they come. Martial arts are like an insurance policy: one buys insurance to have a way to deal with possible future unseen disastrous situations. Likewise, traditional martial artists need to train in combat and self-protection exactly to protect themselves from being victimized by unforeseen events. Without the ability to handle a disastrous violent situation, it can only be a too-late-sorry scenario of self-sabotage.

In many communities today in the US and around the world, one encounters many challenging, violent problems because many out there believe in scarcity in resources. That leads to people rushing for money, rushing to so-called success, and rushing for material things without honesty, order, harmony, or compassion.

This belief causes many conflicts and animosity between peoples. DeRu expressed that before people can work together for harmony, “We must in the meantime be prepared to deal with the current violent and physical scarcity-based reality. To have less fear and greater ability to handle all conflicting problems, one must prepare to be strong and to be able to survive in this cruel conflicts reality.”

DeRu (aka: Shawn X. Liu), a senior student of Shaolin Chan Wu medicine, mentor to hundreds of thousands of Shaolin and Tai Chi students as well as natural health and healing advocaters. He is a disciple of Su Xi, a great spiritual leader and 30th generation grand master, chief monk, former Chief Master Monk and Deputy Abbot of the famous Shaolin Temple

DeRu is one of the earliest Chinese martial arts Shaolin disciples to enter the US, spreading the Chan and Kung Fu in the United States and the founder of Shaolin Institute, Chairman of World Shaolin Federation and Chairman of Technical Committee of Pan American Wushu-Kungfu Federation.

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