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Hope for the World Foundation announced today that they are raising funds for the completion of the indie feature film, HANGYO by way of an IndieGoGo campaign.

Prolific award winning filmmaker Lourdes Duque Baron, producer of the powerful documentary "Hope for the World Foundation" and Timeless Entertainment, Inc. announced today that they are raising funds for the completion of the indie feature film, HANGYO by way of an IndieGoGo campaign.

Sequels and remakes are all that seems to come out of Hollywood these days. Back when going to the movies was a big deal, and not something that’s now taken for granted, it excited us. Now, it seems as though there are so few filmmakers who are capable of telling an untouched tale through film that has not been told by another.

HANGYO is a bold, provocative time piece that is -- at its core, dedicated to shining light on the shadowy, elusive world of illegal drugs in the Philippines.

Beautifully filmed and fiercely evocative, this first encounter in HANGYO sets in motion any number of complications. Most obviously, where there is a huge profit to be made in a black market – it's at minimum 300% on drugs today. People will fight and kill to control it. Arrest a dealer and you simply trigger a new war for his patch, with the rest of the world caught in the crossfire. The film courageously explores the framework of criminalization implicit in the 'war on drugs' and how it yields enormous harm not only in the treatment of addicts but also dire psychological effects on dealers, crime enforcement and the affected communities. The veil not only offers a glimpse of the tangible drug war in the Philippines, it catapults you right in front of the causes and its effects.

"The film makes clear that there’s an imaginary line out there between right and wrong, good and evil,” explains Baron, “I believe what we're doing with this film is good and I believe what we are standing up against, is evil.”

“The purpose of this campaign is to raise additional funds to ensure we make the best film possible. It is already 80% complete. Our team has decades of film and TV experience, so we know what it takes to make cinema and we understand that the more funds we raise, the more we can highlight the intrinsic point of it all -- on the big screen," says Baron.

HANGYO eloquently reveals the false opposition between good and evil in the drug wars as it takes you on a twisted journey into the dark underworld of opiates. A world where dealers and addicts are being slain by unidentified gunmen in mysterious, gangland-style murders.

Timeless Entertainment and its partners plan on using the proceeds of the movie to build a drug rehabilitation center, 'HANGYO Rehab' in the Philippines.

"The miracle of love is the mystery of life. Sharing is love," says Baron.

The film is being produced in conjunction with the Hope for the World Foundation, which relentlessly travels the globe in service to others on the planet in whatever capacity that is presented. Many wonderful and altruistic people from different countries, who are actively cultivating peace in their own lives, will be participating in assisting to push this film to the big screen. The company candidly seeks to enlighten as many people as possible throughout the various countries and to get their ideas on what ending the war on drugs and peace on earth truly means to them.

According to Baron, the HANGYO film is "ultimately an opportunity to practice what Mahatama Gandhi once wisely said, 'You must be the change you wish to see in the world.' It is an experiment, because it will evolve, through the people and the situations that are shared. It is about creating the world we wish to live in by actively spreading peace and love. We can eradicate street drugs that are devastating communities and we will succeed. I know this to be truth," added Baron in an exclusive interview with EOTM Media.

The team hopes to raise $77,000 as they retrace the footsteps of some of the most notorious drug lords as well as their counterparts -- and the eventual coming together of communities, that were born to end the infamous strife on drugs.

"The old adage, 'where there is a will, there is a way,' definitely...rings true in this allegory," boasts Lourdes.

Notable cast members include Lourdes Duque Baron (National Bureau of Investigation - Director role for Hangyo as Madam Sig), Clint Jung (Li Xu, a Chinese drug syndicate and Mafia boss), Leon Miguel (Brando, the main assassin and right-hand man of Li Xu), Kiko Matos (Toklits), Moises Magisa (Enrico), Vic Romano (Tinyente Gutierrez), JC Tan Bites (Poi David), Jester Klumcee Vano (Vince), Joonie, Ivan Germaine Padilla, Aklas, Emil Javier, Stephen Jeanjaquet, Shane Jeanjaquet and Fritz Silorio.

"Once the project is fully funded the work truly begins. There is always potential for challenges to arise. It's not a film-making experience if there are none. Some of the risks involved with this project include the short amount of time to shoot and prep, the amount of time spent at each location, the quality not living up to the vision for it, and the improvisational nature of making this sort of film. However, I have learned to trust the process and let the story unfold even through all these potential challenges. Therein lies the magic. Thank you for your patience with this process!! Film-making is laborious and quite time intensive, but in the end it is all worth it. We will keep you updated throughout the process as it evolves, so you are always aware of where it stands and where it is heading," added Baron.

HANGYO is a film that epitomizes the reality of the drug war in the Philippines. Some films must be shared with the world, HANGYO is one of them.

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a personal digital copy, exclusive posters, content marketing perks and more.

About Hope for the World Foundation:

Hope For The World is an organization devoted to the betterment of humanity. It strives to instill peace, forgiveness, love, aspiration, truth to a world some may feel is lost. Hope for the World is not a fancy catch phrase, its founders believes in humanity and the elementary law, that love is all we need. Hope for the World was enacted by Lourdes Duque Baron with the thought that peace on earth is a birthright for all life on earth and in it's name we should seek accord, forgiveness, peace and love in the purest sense to all life on earth. This formation was created for those that choose to keep optimism alive in their hearts. Because we are one. We are love and with love all things are possible.

For more information on Hope For The World please visit or email scriptedinheaven(at)

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