Boink Live Announces First Version Release And Allows Major Brands And Local Companies to Globally and Digitally Advertise Their Products To Millions Of Mobile Devices

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Bonk live has created its own artificial programing intelligence and secret algorithms that will turn their company into a multibillion dollar network.

Boink Live shaking hands with Broadcasters.

Boink Live publicized today that the beta testing for the live streaming talent platform for April 2017 was a hit and had been concluded. The C.E.O, John Lamb, said, “We extended our June 1st, 2017 first production launch, to be the first version release which is scheduled for a global launch Monday, June 19th, 2017 or before."

The Bonk Live Mobile broadcasting application is a free application that will be available in every country and can be downloaded from any android google play store or iPhone app store.

The mobile broadcasting live streaming application is called Bonk Live. Bonk Live streaming refers to Internet content delivered in real-time, as events happen, much as live television broadcasts its contents over the airwaves via a television signal. Bonk Live only requires the Mobile user to have a mobile telephone with a camera to watch or broadcast.

Live video streaming isn’t a new concept, but what is new is the availability of technology that makes streaming more accessible to everyone.

It’s no longer necessary to invest in expensive hardware and software that only the biggest brands could afford. Smaller businesses and consumers have been getting involved since early last year, and as expected video streaming has exploded in 2017.

There are a lot of companies who are live streaming like Periscope, Facebook Live, Snapchat, Meerkat, YouTube, and blab. However, no platform has approached or monetized live streaming in the way BONK LIVE has.

Bonk live has created its own artificial programing intelligence and secret algorithms that will turn their company into a multibillion dollar network. Bonk Live is the New Hollywood. It is an advertiser's dream come true.

What is BonkLive?

Bonk live streaming is the next big digital platform for social influencers and content creators to share their talents with the world, and an advertiser’s dream-come- true for reaching their target audiences.

How does BonkLive work?

BonkLive is a free download for all mobile devices.

Broadcasters can broadcast to any country live 24/7.

Broadcasters earn 5 cents every time a viewer looks at an offer displayed on during their live streaming broadcast.

Broadcasters can receive virtual gifts, which can be redeemed for cash.

Qualified broadcasters will receive $150.00 USD for playing commercials on their broadcasts or $50.00 USD for reading advertisements.

All broadcasters qualify for a MasterCard-backed debit card to redeem their earnings.

Who can use BonkLive?

Anyone can use the Bonk live streaming application to showcase his or her talents and earn money in the process. From celebrities, social influencers, athletes, to everyday people, BonkLive offers an opportunity to generate income.

What is a social influencer?

An influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility within one or multiple industries and has access to a large following. Influencers possess the ability to persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

How can a social influencer promote products/services?

Give influencers early access for a product review.

Have influencers share their unique experiences with your product/service.

Promo codes and special offers.

What is the value of having a social influencer promote your products/services?

In 2017, influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising available. The amount of rapport established between influencers and their audiences is unparalleled, and this trust translates into conversions when the right products are matched with the right influencers. Marketing through influencers is also pennies on the dollar compared to “traditional” forms of digital advertising.

How can you advertise with BonkLive?

The primary method of advertising on BonkLive is by placing your logo in the 10-minute advertising carousel to be featured during a user’s live broadcast.

The cost for a 10-minute logo placement is $60. By clicking on this logo, a user can view the advertiser special offer or promotion during all the live broadcasts.

The advertiser pays $0.25 every time their logo is pressed the broadcaster live stream and the streamer gets paid $0.05 cents for every click as well.

The secondary method of advertising on BonkLive is by having the broadcaster either run the advertiser's 30/60 second commercial or by reading an advertisement during their live streaming broadcast. The broadcaster also will create a call-to- action to their audience to purchase your product or service by pressing on your logo to see the offer the advertiser is giving.

How can content creators benefit from promoting products/services on BonkLive?

Broadcasters earn $0.05 per logo click during their live streams.

Qualified broadcasters who are “BONKIFIED” on the mobile application will earn $150 every time they run a 30/60 second commercial or $50 when they read an advertisement on the broadcasters live streams.

How does advertising with BonkLive compare to other forms of digital advertising?

Advertising through the Bonk live streaming platform is unlike any other advertising outlet available. The nature of live streaming offers a personal connection between a content creator and their audience that is unrivaled. This personal connection builds a sense of trust and credibility with the target audience that an advertiser could previously only dream of. The BonkLive platform also offers analytics for the advertiser to track the success of their ads and adjust their strategy accordingly. Advertising through BonkLive also offers huge financial value over traditional platforms such as Google AdWords or Facebook.

How can I track analytics through BonkLive?

Each advertiser simply turns on their computer and opens the BONK LIVE dashboard to place a video advertisement or logo advertisement with a special offer, during a ten-minute time slot on any day in any country or region in a 24-hour period that they feel will reach their target audience.

Once the advertiser or promoter have done this they can either pick the influencer they want to play their video or read the advertiser's jingle or promotion while live streaming. Advertisers simply add their logo and an offer or add a commercial video it’ s just like watching “LIVE TV” only the broadcaster gets the audience to interact with brands and offers of company’s who advertise during a live streaming broadcast. However, with video commercial play advertising there must be a minimum of 500 people or more viewing before a Bonkified mobile broadcaster can play the video.

Bonk live streaming is the next big digital platform for social influencers and content creators like iPhone podcasters to make huge money while sharing their talents with the world and becomes an advertiser’s dream-come-true for reaching their target audiences.

With Bonk Live video commercial play advertising, there must be a minimum of 500 people or more viewing before a Bonkified mobile broadcaster can play the video.Bonk live streaming is the next big digital platform for social influencers and content creators like iPhone podcasters to make huge money while sharing, their talents with the world and becomes an advertiser’s dream-come- true for reaching their target audiences.

How is BonkLive different from other live streaming platforms?

There are currently no other live streaming platforms that are implementing a long-term advertising model. BonkLive is the first platform to offer content creators to monetize their content via live stream, and the first platform to offer advertisers the opportunity to capitalize on live streaming content.

Why is BonkLive the right choice for your digital advertising?

BonkLive is the clear choice for advertisers who want to engage with their target audience on the most personal level possible. The Bonk live streaming platform allows unprecedented access to today’s most influential content creators and celebrities that Hollywood would never give you access to.

BonkLive Current Advertising Promotion is the perfect opportunity to leverage the live streaming advertising for any company or business, as Bonk live will be advertising for free on its advertising carousal, major brands and or local company products under a 1 month free advertisements for logo placement and offers and free commercial video play. Bonk live has been accepting these offers through, TALENTSCOUT(at)BONK(dot)LIVE or BROADCASTING(at)BONK(dot)LIVE

The Bonk live platform includes logo placement and commercial air time during live broadcasts in any country or region.

Many companies were told to send an email to broadcasting(at)bonklive(dot)com including the company’s logo and/or commercial, including information on the offer or product they are selling. Once the advertiser has used Bonk Live's digital advertising platform for one month and if the advertiser wants to continue using the service Bonk Live will provide access to the Bonk Live Advertiser’s portal where the advertiser can advertise to millions of people and get directly to their target audience.

The advertiser then can observe the add in real time which provides the following metrics:

How many clicks the advertisement received.

How many users accepted the offer.

How many users declined the offer.

Geographical regions that accepted the offer.

Geographical regions that declined the offer.

Percentage of men that said yes and said no.

Percentage of women that said yes and said no.

Age demographics of users who said yes and said no.

Mobile devices used.

IP address of each user and location.

Name of the user.

Bonk live gathers viewers' data in real-time and tells you exactly who wants your product and who said yes to your product, as well as who is using it, who bought it, and who said no. This becomes an advertiser’s dream analytic when companies internationally advertise their products on Bonk Live Application.

Bonk Live has created this new Super streaming application concept and is now ready to earn the company and its pioneer shareholders billions of dollars. Bonk Live will be easy to use and is a free download. The money derived from Bonk Live super streaming broadcasting application will be earned through advertising, virtual gifts, credit and debit card fees and its unique payment system for pay per push logo advertisements.

This press release contains forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of the 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and is subject to the safe harbor created by those sections.

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