T1V to Deploy ThinkHub Connect Active Learning Room Technology in Zachry Engineering Education Complex at Texas A&M University

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T1V’s ThinkHub Connect collaboration software for education to be deployed in state-of-the-art Zachry Engineering Education Complex active learning classrooms.

T1V ThinkHub Connect Active Learning Room Technology in Texas A&M College of Engineering

“With the T1V ThinkHub Connect solution, we are not limited to a single method of teaching or collaboration, but can host many different styles,” says Mark Henry, Senior IT Professional at Texas A&M College of Engineering

T1V announces it has partnered with Texas A&M University College of Engineering to deliver ThinkHub Connect active learning room technology for the Zachry Engineering Education Complex - a modern, high-tech learning environment for undergraduate engineering education. ThinkHub Connect has been deployed in a proof of concept room being used to train instructors on how to use the technology as the university prepares for its 32-room rollout in the coming months.

ThinkHub Connect is designed to enhance the learning environment for instructors and students alike. Imagine a space where all devices and displays are connected to one another, providing seamless interaction from instructor to student, student to student, and group to group. The active learning rooms also facilitate remote learning, so students can participate remotely via T1V’s AirConnect mobile app if unable to attend the session in person. ThinkHub MultiSite enables professors to reach multiple rooms at the same time, effectively enabling them to provide the same experience to students no matter which campus they are on. ThinkHub MultiSite is a game changer for Texas A&M, which will now be able to link remote rooms to provide students access to a greater number of professors and coursework.

“With the T1V ThinkHub Connect solution, we are not limited to a single method of teaching or collaboration, but can host many different styles,” says Mark Henry, Senior IT Professional at Texas A&M College of Engineering. He continues, “Faculty will no longer be bound to a physical location but have the freedom to teach from any location. Many new teaching styles are expected to be developed with many of the technology constraints removed, and students will learn to work together in a more globally-minded classroom.”

The ThinkHub Connect solution is a hybrid of ThinkHub, ViewHub, and AirConnect technology, all working in tandem to provide instructors a powerful presentation tool, while also enabling them to monitor and provide feedback on student work in real time. Students are able to connect their devices to collaborate on group work that can also be shared with the entire room.

Because ThinkHub Connect is a software-based solution, it offers institutions a great deal of flexibility and opportunity to scale. “When we started working with our partners in higher education, and understanding what it is they wanted in a learning environment, we thought ‘let’s re-engineer this environment with a software-driven approach,’” explains Jim Morris, T1V CTO. Unlike many hardware-based options on the market, which are more costly and difficult to update, ThinkHub Connect is able to evolve with the changing needs of faculty, students, and staff with the release of software updates. Morris continues, “...this is an investment that gives universities the flexibility to layer on new features as needed, with the ability to control which features should be applied to which learning environments.”

At one end of the classroom lives ThinkHub, a digital collaboration wall where instructors can present their lesson for the day. This can be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, videos, images, PDF documents, any type of content can be shared and manipulated on the interactive Canvas, including live devices streaming via AirConnect. In addition to rich media content, the instructors have access to an annotation toolset to make notes as they progress through the lesson.

Meanwhile, students are seated at their ViewHub stations, which enables real-time device sharing for up to four devices at a time. Here they can work on small group work in breakout sessions. When students are ready to present their work for review, they share their ViewHub screen to the ThinkHub Canvas, where the instructor can control what is displayed for the entire room. The instructor can use ThinkHub to make annotations on and also control what is displayed on each of the ViewHub stations. So if there is a group that has presented exemplary work, the instructor can push that feed to all of the ViewHub stations for each of the small groups to review.

In addition to the ThinkHub and ViewHub stations, AirConnect is being used across both types of collaboration displays to support wireless device sharing across macOS, iOS, WIndows, Android, and Linux platforms. There are also additional displays mounted to further showcase the instructor-led ThinkHub display for the entire room to view, and where they can ‘dock’ key content from the lesson.

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