WoolLinks Solves The Most Common Problems With Dog Walking Services

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WoofLinks is a global listing service for dog walking and dog sitting that takes no payment percentages.

A service like WoofLinks is important for me. I want something I can go back to without worrying that the carers I use are getting constantly slugged just for using the web site

WoofLinks provides a platform for dog walking and dog sitting services without the hassle of payment percentages. Payment percentages, or the 'cut' that the provider takes between the dog owner and dog walker are a major impediment to using a web-based platform to manage dog caring services. WoofLinks, http://www.wooflinks.com, takes a different approach to putting Dog Owners in contact with Dog Walkers and Sitters.

The important thing about finding someone to walk your dog, or to sit them while you are way is to make sure that they are the right fit. This goes both ways, so WoofLinks allows users to define their dog's size as well as their personality, and for dog carers to list their preferences along with their location. This approach helps put the right people in contact with the right dogs. WoofLinks provides the listing and scheduling site for dog owners and dog walkers that helps them find and book dog carers in the local area. It helps dog carers (dog walkers and dog sitters) to provide their availability to those looking for dog caring services (dog walking and dog sitting).

The transaction, where money changes hands, is between the carer and the owner, directly, without the middleman. This is the difference, all payments are done directly between the dog owner and the dog carer. There is no charge by WoofLinks for any of these transactions. That is, users can continue to use the site without having to 'go around' the system. Tricks to get around the system are a common practice among users of service web sites. WoofLinks has simply eliminated that hassle and need to 'sneak around' altogether. In addition, because WoofLinks doesn't have to maintain country specific payment mechanisms for 'the cut' (because there is none). WoofLinks is global as well. Want to list your services in Australia? No problem. Walk dogs in Canada? No problem. Walk dogs in London? No problem. Dog sit in Mumbai? No problem.

Right now WoofLinks is completely free service for Dog Owners, Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters. The site will always remain completely free for dog owners. After 1 November 2017 there will be a small fee of $12USD per year for dog carers. Dog Carers who list their services on the site before 31 July are currently being offered a completely account until 1 Jan 2017.

WoofLinks, http://www.wooflinks.com , was created by Dog Owners for Dog Owners. There is no venture capital and no high-flying, sports-car-driving group behind it. WoofLinks was created by a small group of IT professionals in Australia, led by Kirk Mower. "I wanted to find better care options for my dogs, and there just wasn't a good option in my geography", Mr. Mower said "And I thought if I am going to build something, I want to remove the hassle and mystery of what the dog carer actually gets paid and give more power to the people" he said "I don't like feeling guilty about the person getting paid less than what I paid on the web site, and I know most people feel the same".

Modern technology often promises complex solutions to simple problems and it is good see a transparent web site like WoofLinks that harks back to the early ideals of the Internet for empowering people. Most of the current options out there for dog sitting seem to beg the users to go around those systems and deal with each other directly. WoofLinks embraces open and direct payments between dog walkers and dog owners as a core philosophy. In addition, WoofLinks provides a mechanism to schedule and keep track track of dog walks, and dog sitting, and because there are no charges for bookings, there is no reason not to use the system. It makes it a useful tool and a great storage spot for your dog's data, which something a site like this should be, instead of something to 'get around'. It seems strange in this day and age of hype and hyperbole to come across a service like WoofLinks that is so transparent and straightforward. Woof.

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