Wireless Advanced Roaming Software from Intelligraphics Helps Move Industry 4.0 Initiatives Forward

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Intelligraphics Inc. (IGX Wireless), the industry leader in intelligent roaming solutions and development services, today announced IGX Wireless Advanced Roaming device drivers to allow Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) devices to stay connected in difficult industrial and manufacturing environments. IGX Drivers enable wireless devices to scan for and connect to an available AP in milliseconds helping enterprises deploy tightly integrated smart factory systems, improve equipment monitoring, expand productivity, and boost quality and service levels.

Intelligent, Connected, Secure

By harnessing the power of Intelligraphics’ software, enterprises gain an essential piece of the Wi-Fi ecosystem so they can reliably communicate, analyze, and use information to drive intelligent action into their processes

Wireless Devices are a Crucial Component of Industry 4.0 Initiatives

Industry 4.0 is founded on the premise that connected and smart technologies can interoperate and revolutionize industrial and manufacturing production. It encompasses the rise of the next industrial revolution, the fourth such transformation in the history of manufacturing. One of the most important elements of Industry 4.0 includes 802.11 Wi-Fi IIot. This concept has gained traction throughout industrial and manufacturing operations, and embraces a wide range of connected technologies, including high-quality monitoring sensors, more reliable and powerful Wi-Fi networks, high-performance computing, and robotics.

Mobile, stationary, and wearable devices are increasingly being developed with Wi-Fi connectivity to streamline efficiencies, enable operator autonomy, and drive faster decision-making. Deployment of IIoT devices can significantly reduce labor and data entry requirements, while wireless sensors affixed to equipment or materials can feed critical information, such as energy usage, machine speed, maintenance or inventory, to mobile devices and enterprise IT systems. Having reliable, secure “always on” Wi-Fi connectivity to stream data and provide alerts is crucial.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities Present Challenges to Wireless Deployments

Deploying wireless technologies can be a significant challenge within industrial and manufacturing facilities where large amounts of radio frequency (RF) interference block and reflect Wi-Fi signals. In this situation, the wireless network architecture must continuously analyze the RF environment, automatically adjust AP power and channel configurations to compensate for interference, signal coverage, load balancing, and AP failures. When this occurs, the wireless device must “roam”, which includes scanning for and locating another AP to establish connectivity. Unfortunately, this roaming time can take several seconds with Wi-Fi devices that use non-optimized software.

Meeting Tight Process and Safety Goals Require “Always-On” Connectivity

IGX Wireless Advanced Roaming gives wireless devices an “always on” Wi-Fi connection so systems can reliably communicate and workers can gain real-time access to networked wireless sensors and actuators to monitor and control processes. IGX Advanced Roaming supports all types of 802.11 wireless APs, allowing customers to quickly integrate their devices, while maintaining compatibility with their existing IT infrastructure.

IGX Advanced Roaming software significantly reduces the time it takes for wireless devices to connect to an AP, boosting device availability and connection reliability. The software provides fast, seamless roaming along with optional enterprise-class security and CCX support. Built with the compatibility that today’s and tomorrow’s IIoT and Industry 4.0 devices require, Intelligraphics delivers optimized device drivers and firmware. IGX solutions support multiple hardware, software, and operating systems including Linux, Android, Windows 7/10, and WEC7, giving our customers a wide range of options for the most demanding Industry 4.0 applications.

“Industry 4.0 connects existing production technologies and smart production processes, manufacturing systems and the objects they create, bringing physical information into the digital realm. By harnessing the power of Intelligraphics’ software, enterprises gain an essential piece of the Wi-Fi ecosystem so they can reliably communicate, analyze, and use information to drive intelligent action into their processes,” said Scott Lawson, President of Intelligraphics.

About Intelligraphics, Inc.
Intelligraphics, an industry leader in intelligent Wi-Fi advanced roaming solutions, helps enterprises realize the most value from their mission-critical wireless devices. A member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, a charter member of the Qualcomm® Authorized Design Center (ADC) program, and a Texas Instruments 3rd Party Development Partner, Intelligraphics delivers a diverse portfolio of software solutions that include enhanced and customized wireless drivers, firmware, and licensed IP.

Take your Wi-Fi-enabled and Internet of Things (IoT) applications farther and faster, visit: http://www.intelligraphics.com.

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