New Novel Combines Christian Faith with Survival Manual

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Dr. Larry Horton presents a fictional best-case scenario to a potential calamity

Fear seems to have crept into every aspect of our lives. In fact, according to a 2016 survey of American’s worst fears, alarm over government corruption and terrorist attacks surpasses a fear of death. Dr. Larry Horton believes there is one way to confront that fear: preparation. Dr. Horton present a fictional story on survival, highlighting the need for proactive planning in “The Final Journey: A Diary of Survival.”

“As a society, we must prepare for potential disasters and be ready to do what is necessary,” Dr. Horton said. “As Christians, we must equip ourselves with a can-do attitude and remain steadfast in our values no matter the situation. It’s important to develop an action plan and to always move toward your goal. The Final Journey: A Diary of Survival presents a fundamental philosophy to do just that and also encourages readers to be ready for lifechanging events that may arise.”

“The Final Journey: A Diary of Survival” follows the story life of two Christian survivalists during a time of political disarray. As the presidential election causes societal divides, the couple prepares to make a 15-hundred-mile trek to safety. They rely on the four Es criteria—evaluate, escape, evade, and endure—during the journey and seek comfort in their faith. Their trek proves to be challenging as their wills are tested; yet they remain undeterred continuing to move towards salvation. Throughout their voyage, the pair chronicles their experiences in a diary, sharing their personal story and advice for enduring the new world.

“The book touches on two very important and often overlooked aspects of real survival – those critical elements of medicinal and spiritual considerations when faced with extreme and dire circumstances. The importance of both of these cannot be emphasized enough,” Mykel Hawke, Ret. Special Forces and survival teacher, said.

“I have always taught my students and my soldiers, if you are not ready to meet your maker when you leave Fort Living Room or Base Camp, you’re not ready to walk out the front door. In this way, Larry’s book is entertaining, educational and edifying in ways no other book on survival is, and for this reason, it is a book everyone would do well to read.” Mykel Hawke, Ret. Special Forces and survival teacher, said.

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“The Final Journey: A Diary of Survival”
By Larry D. Horton, PhD
ISBN: 9781512780673 (hardcover), 9781512780659 (softcover), 9781512780666 (e-book)
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and WestBow Press

About the author
Larry D. Horton, PhD is a pastor, missionary, Old Testament professor, historian, cross-cultural scholar, and executive who has spent his life studying and practicing spiritual and professional survival. He is a graduate of Grove City College, Asbury Theological Seminary, and Michigan State University. Dr. Horton and his wife, Jude, have three children, five grandchildren, two dogs, and live in Katy, Texas. “The Final Journey: A Diary of Survival” is the first book of an intended trilogy.

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