Global Voice Group's Three Powerful Solutions Offer Innovative Ways to Add Structure to Big Data

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Global Voice Group's technologies structure transactional data to work for governments for planning, development, control and security purposes in their countries.

For over a decade, Global Voice Group (GVG) has been providing solutions for telecommunication regulators to gather key information within the telecoms industry. This wealth of data (Big Data) is, however, unstructured and now GVG shows how this transactional data can be structured to work for governments for planning, development, control and security purposes in their countries. In fact, the potential of this data is so valuable that it should be deemed of national interest.

While the data gathered can be used for an infinite number of applications, GVG has developed three critical platforms: IMS, ARMS and DMS for governments/regulators to focus on:

  •     the overall health of the telecoms sector
  •     financial inclusion
  •     security
  •     revenue reporting
  •     revenue generation

The Interconnection Management System (IMS) is geared to provide regulators with real-time visibility over international incoming and outgoing traffic, local interconnection traffic and local on-net traffic. These key traffic flows are monitored by means of non-intrusive probes.

The ARMS platform provides information on international incoming traffic, local traffic, mobile money, data, SMSes and roaming.

The Data Management Solution provides the authorities with maximum visibility over data services so as to monitor and align them to current or future regulations for good governance.

Telecommunications companies have lost and are losing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to VoIP OTT operators and this excludes video and other OTT services. GVG’s DMS platform can identify the patterns which contribute to erosion, quantify the potential losses, suggest regulations to address the concerns and provide regulators with the means to control and enforce any new policies.

Big Data can be analysed at the transactional level to identify certain correlations for the identification of demographic growth patterns, the flow of money through the territory and security threats. Better Industry knowledge means better management of regulatory responsibilities.

Recent history has shown that mobile money systems have been used for financing terrorist cells and illicit/criminal activities. GVG’s M3 solution, coupled with its E-remittance solution can provide governments with the timely visibility over money flowing across borders, the possibility of detecting irregular transactions through the anti-money laundering modules, and the ability to trace the flow of money for suspicious activities and identify other potential members of illicit organisations.

The other side of the mobile money coin, is that these transactions provide economic and financial inclusion for those without access to formal banking and financial services—enabling them to transact and run small businesses on their mobile/Smartphones. It would be prudent for governments and regulators who are concerned about the risks to deploy GVG’s M3 platform which gives governments visibility into this exploding parallel economy giving them hourly snapshots of:

  •     cash in and cash out
  •     peer-to-peer transfers
  •     airtime purchases
  •     fees paid
  •     purchases of consumer goods
  •     international transfers

Key data collected mainly through GVG’s M3 solution can be leveraged to create a credit profile for unbanked mobile money users to gain access to unsecured financial loans. The combination of the M3, IMS, DMS and ARMS platforms allow a more complete and accurate credit profile to be created.

GVG’s revenue reporting system, AVATAR, allows governments to collect sales tax and record VAT transactions in real-time. This transparency means income streams can be predicted more accurately and taxes on petrol, utilities, alcohol and tobacco can be monitored.

GVG platforms allow governments an overarching benefit—the secure implementation of micro-levies on transactions like:

  •     incoming and outgoing international traffic
  •     active daily roamer, monthly data user and mobile money user levies
  •     incoming international transfers
  •     incoming visitor tax

Governments can implement micro-levies to raise revenue for socio-economic development facilitated by accurate billing information as each of the levies can be recorded in real-time through GVG’s Data Acquisition System (DAS).

GVG has government clients in many African countries: Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Congo-Brazzaville, Senegal, Liberia, Gabon, Guinea-Conakry, Central African Republic, Togo and Uganda and with its sophisticated and cutting-edge technology is uniquely positioned to assist governments and regulatory authorities to maximise the benefits of the treasure trove of telecommunications transactional data which they can have at their fingertips and use for the benefit of all their citizens.

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