Premier Long Island Holistic Health Coach, Season Winter, Inc, Recently Blogs About Fad Diets

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Suffolk County's Holistic Health Coach, Season Winter, Inc, has just posted a blog post talking about fad diets and quick fixes.

Ever notice that there is always a new diet or quick fix that comes around? Society tends to jump on board to try it out but shortly after, they end up falling back into their old habits. Long Island Holistic Health Coach, Season Winter, Inc, discusses this in her latest blog post “Why Fad Diets and Quick Fixes Do Not Work.” Founder, ( Season, refers to the childhood story about The Tortoise and The Hare, stating that, “Fad diets and quick fixes are just like The Hare, they burn out before you even reach the end.” She goes on to explain that most of these fad diets restrict or eliminate certain foods, which are unhealthy and can be dangerous at times. Reducing caloric intake causes the body to go into survival mode and will begin to use muscle to burn energy ultimately causing you to lose muscle mass. Most people who start these diets will lose water weight in the beginning which may lead to dehydration. These fad diets and quick fixes are hard to sustain for long periods of time so people usually start to revert back to their old unhealthy habits. Most people experience gaining the weight back and sometimes will gain even more than when they had started. “There is no magic diet or quick fix; there is only a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy nutritional habits, exercise and a positive attitude,” Season posts. Season Winter, Inc focuses on helping others achieve their goals in a healthy way.

When a client begins working with Long Island Holistic Health Coach, Season Winter, Inc, the first thing Season does is explain that not everyone is the same, so there is no one plan or way of eating that will work the same. “We are each individuals, different in our own way; so why would one plan work the same for everyone,” explains Season. “Our custom plans are designed for the client’s body and lifestyle.” Their Individual Health Coaching sessions incorporate the client’s lifestyle, career, relationships, stressors and goals. “Asking a full time working mom with small children at home to restrict or eliminate certain foods from their lifestyle may not be the best option,” explains Season. “It’s not a plan that she or her family will benefit from and within a week or so, she would end up going back to her old habits and feeling frustrated not being able to complete the program.” Season continues to explain, “That is why it is so important for everyone to listen to their own body’s wants and needs.” Season Winter, Inc encourages everyone to not focus on “diet” but to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes one small step at a time. Slow and steady will help you maintain the changes for a longer period of time, which will promote better results. “Just like the Tortoise who won the race in the end.” 

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