Berkeley Fit Releases Nitric Oxide Test for iOS to Help Consumers Track Effectiveness of Heart Healthy Plant-based Foods and Lifestyles

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Using the smartphone’s camera, Berkeley Fit® Nitric Oxide Test iTune App automatically recognizes and records changes in Berkeley Test® strips that measure your body’s conversion of nitrate-rich whole foods -- beetroot, spinach, arugula and other leafy greens -- into the cardioprotective, nitric oxide.

A critical step in the conversion of plant-derived nitrate to the cardioprotective factor, nitric oxide, is in the mouth by the oral microbiome.

Plant-based foods are the staple of every recognized heart-healthy lifestyle diet.  According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Hord and colleagues suggest that the blood pressure-lowering effect of beets and leafy greens in the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Trial is due to the nitrate content in these vegetables.  Within the body, nitrate is converted to nitric oxide, a natural molecule known to relax blood vessels, leading to reduced blood pressure.  

This conversion of plant-derived nitrate in the mouth begins when the nitrate is passed through the oral microbiome, giving rise to nitric oxide. In fact, according to the American Heart Association journal, Hypertension, Dr. Webb and co-authors demonstrated that if plant-derived nitrate conversion is interrupted in the mouth, this blood pressure-lowering effect of nitric oxide is blocked.

Because salivary nitrate conversion is a critical step to achieve the cardiovascular benefits of nitric oxide-potent foods, Nitric Oxide Test Strips by Berkeley Test® can assess whether conversion of plant-based nitrates takes place.  Based on several clinical studies, the body begins this conversion process to nitric oxide within 2 hours of consuming nitrate-rich beetroot and leafy.

In less than 60 seconds, the results from your freshly used saliva strip can be analyzed with the Berkeley Fit Nitric Oxide Test reader for iOS.  Just open the Berkeley Fit® app and aim the iPhone’s powerful camera at your test strip. The App will automatically detect the strip, measure the color, and record your results for later analysis, thereby enabling you to optimize your food choices for improving cardiovascular wellness.

Features of the Berkeley Fit Nitric Oxide Test reader for iOS: 
Use iPhone camera to automatically record Nitric Oxide test strip results along with date and time of day.
Track Nitric Oxide status as it rises and falls throughout the day, allowing real-time dietary adjustments.
Shows which natural whole plant-based foods best increase Nitric Oxide.
Help maintains compliance with heart-healthy plant-rich diets, such as the Mediterranean and DASH.

Users of the Berkeley Fit app were able to: 
Incorporate more heart healthy leafy greens into their diet.
Increase the number of daily servings of vegetables rich in dietary nitrates.

Device Requirements: 
iPhone 5 or later
Requires iOS 9 or later

Pricing and Availability: 
The Berkeley Fit Nitric Oxide Test for iOS is free in the App Store.
The patented Nitric Oxide Test Strips by Berkeley Test are available on

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