Road Science’s New Next-Generation NovaGrip™ Line of Liquid Anti-Strips Makes Paving Safer, Easier and Longer-Lasting

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NovaGrip’s worker-friendly liquid anti-strip chemistry is less hazardous for paving crews and its powerful adhesion promoting technology makes roads last longer.

NovaGrip™ liquid anti-stripping additives are safer for workers and work with all asphalts to make roads last longer.

NovaGrip’s pioneering chemistry is truly paving the way for the future.

Road Science, a Division of ArrMaz, introduces NovaGrip™ - a line of next-generation liquid anti-stripping additives which combines ground-breaking chemistry that is less hazardous and safer for workers, with powerful adhesion promoting technology that makes roads last longer. NovaGrip is compatible with all types of asphalt modifiers and aggregates for improved operational efficiency and easier paving.

With today’s rapidly aging infrastructure, government agencies, asphalt producers and contractors are being challenged to build longer-lasting roads with technologies that not only perform well, but are also cost-effective, operationally efficient, and ensure worker comfort and safety. When pavements are exposed to moisture, stripping (the loss of adhesion between asphalt and aggregate) can occur, leading to distresses such as raveling, rutting and pothole formation which decrease pavement ride quality and life span. To protect against stripping, anti-strip technologies such as traditional liquid anti-strips or hydrated lime are often added to asphalt mix to increase the occurrence and strength of asphalt to aggregate adhesion, and extend pavement life.

While many traditional liquid anti-strips do help pavements last longer, when added to asphalt, most emit smoke and foul smelling fumes that are uncomfortable for plant and paving crew personnel as well as citizens. Moreover, these liquid anti-strips pose operational challenges since they are incompatible with some asphalt modifiers such as polyphosphoric acid (PPA) which is increasingly being used to keep paving costs down. While hydrated lime can also extend pavement life, it poses serious health hazards to workers exposed to caustic dust that can be generated during handling.

Road Science’s NovaGrip line of liquid anti-stripping additives fully addresses these challenges. NovaGrip safeguards workers from the hazards of traditional liquid anti-strips by using chemistry that is less hazardous and safer for workers. It also eradicates the smoke, odor and dust problems typical of traditional anti-stripping additives. NovaGrip’s adhesion promoting technology makes roads last longer by creating powerful chemical bonding between asphalt and aggregate that lasts even with prolonged exposure to water and the elements. NovaGrip additives add operational flexibility to the asphalt terminal or mix plant since they do not have to be heated, are compatible with all asphalt modifiers including PPA, and do not interact with other asphalt and mix components to adversely affect asphalt properties or grading.

“NovaGrip’s pioneering chemistry is truly paving the way for the future,” said Ivann Harnish, Commercial Director of Road Science. “NovaGrip is safer and friendlier for those who work in the business. It also improves terminal and plant efficiency, and makes roads last longer. It’s the ideal solution for smarter paving that government agencies, asphalt producers and contractors have been waiting for.”

NovaGrip is just the latest innovation from Road Science that’s helping the asphalt paving industry improve road quality as well as worker and motorist safety.

About ArrMaz & Road Science

ArrMaz is a global leader in the development of specialty chemicals for the asphalt, mining, fertilizer, phosphate, and oil and gas industries worldwide. Since 1967, ArrMaz has manufactured chemical process aids and additives formulated to optimize process performance and product quality.

Road Science, a division of ArrMaz, is a technology leader in the supply of asphalt emulsifiers and additives to the global asphalt paving market. Much more than “off-the-shelf” products, our complete system solutions include technical services such as job field support, mix design, formulation support, crew training and specification development to meet the unique needs of customers and the asphalt paving industry. For more information about our company and products, please visit us online at or

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