Plants Grow Faster with Noribachi Customizable Light Spectrum for LED Lights

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Noribachi launched at the end of 2016 to give customers the ability to create the exact size, shape, and color of any light fixture they desire. Customers can choose from over a million light variations from specialized spectrums to the full light spectrum, control the brightness level, and create custom time based variations.

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Noribachi's Grow Lab Facility in Northern California

After 5 years of R&D associated with LED light manufacturing flexibility, we are excited to take this final step in offering the ultimate opportunity to our customers

Noribachi and LEDFullSpectrum customers have access to the most customizable lighting products ever. Now, Noribachi is one of the largest LED grow lighting manufacturers with sales more than doubling monthly.

"It was great working with Noribachi. I chatted with the sales engineer on their website about the difficulty of living in Las Vegas and how the current lights I was using emitted too much heat. When I switched to Noribachi LED Full Spectrum, I was able to save money on my electrical bill and spend less time running the A/C. To top it all off, I now see my plants growing 3x faster and producing 30% more. I'm making even more money while also saving, win-win for everyone," said Mike Smith, CEO, Las Vegas Health Concepts.

LEDFullSpectrum has taken the LED grow lighting approach developed by NASA and implemented it in a consumer product line. From the article “Sole Source Lighting for Controlled-Environment Agriculture” by Cary Mitchell of Purdue University and Gary Stutte of the Kennedy Space Center, it has been shown that LED lighting is the future of indoor grow lighting. “The light-emitting diode (LED) possesses the most desired SSL characteristics for plant growth (6), does not require a ballast, and can be manufactured and selected to provide monochromatic light of many different colors, which can be blended together on arrays to create a range of hues. Hue also can be controlled by varying the intensity of individual colors of LEDs making up a given blend.” This is the future of grow lighting. Noribachi has turned this idea into a consumer product with a customizable spectrum.

"After 5 years of R&D associated with LED light manufacturing flexibility, we are excited to take this final step in offering the ultimate opportunity to our customers", said Franklin Dibachi, LEDFullSpectrum product manager. The spectrum offered includes UV, IR, and all combinations of visible color. In addition, the spectrum allows for customization of white color CRI. This deep level of customization is achieved by combining up to 50 different LED chips to create the desired spectrum. These LEDs are then mounted inside a variety of fixtures, which are also customizable by the end-user.

LEDFullSpectrum has proven that both full spectrum and tuned spectrum approaches work. In the Noribachi Silicon Valley Grow Lab facility two giant pumpkin plants have been growing for 2 months at a rate of 1 foot a day! Tomatoes are yielding 10% more fruit than average and spinach is growing 15% faster than average.

For the LED Grow Light market, this means more growth and more customizability where you need it most, on your plants. Now, every plant grown will be able to have the exact spectrum that it needs to flourish. Combined this with Noribachi controls and each plant will have the perfect spectrum for every stage of growth. Lights will even have the ability to change spectrums based on the time of day. There will no longer be a need to compromise when choosing the right grow light for you.

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