Inode Reaches Half a Billion Downloads on Mobile

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Mexico Startup Company reaches half a billion downloads in over 222 countries and territories

"There is no reason why we cannot be seen as the future Disney of Latin America" Jaime Enriquez

Mexico and UK based Inode Technology Group announced that its mobile division reached recently over half a billion mobile downloads in over 222 countries and territories. Jaime Enriquez, founder and CEO announced this morning on a press release the achievement of the company and gave some insight on the company's history:

"The company is very pleased on the achievements of our mobile division, this project of company and way of life has always been to drive success and growth for its clients. This project and company started many years ago working on a Tandy TSR-80 at the age of 5 of its founder to develop games in a very primitive way, several years ago; circa 2006 the team had some major breakthroughs on mobile starting with Nokia Mobile, a company Inode admires and is very grateful in every way possible to announce 1 million downloads in 2010, then came 37million downloads in 2011, and then Stephen Elop, then Nokia CEO, invited Jaime Enriquez over for breakfast in Mexico City, then came 100 million downloads in 2012 after the company decided to go all in with Nokia and became the number 3 company in the world to reach that number."

Jaime Enriquez added, "For a strange, odd reason I have always been very ambitious about results, so figure this, we are already the number 3 company in the world, why not 2nd, so several months later in February 2013 it was announced in Barcelona, Spain at the Mobile World Congress that we had reached the number 2 spot along Disney, less than a year later we became number 1 with 300 million downloads, then we reached 400 million downloads, then a few days ago reaching half a billion downloads. It is an honor for the company to reach this goal as since the beginning this was planned as a solo operation after starting on my own around 2005-2006."

The company mentioned the team is very grateful for all the hard work current and past collaborators have given to making this dream come true. "Now the company is very different than the solo man operation," mentioned the young entrepreneur. "Ever since the team learned to use Big Data, Analytics and very creative ways to match marketing and business goals, the company has grown as a group of sister companies having been featured on several great publications such as Bloomberg, BBC, Forbes and Venture Beat, the company is on the watchlist to become one of Latin America´s youngest success stories."

The eCommerce division mentioned they are the strongest players in eCommerce Services in Latin America. Handling Oracle ATG/ Web Commerce, SAP Hybris, Magento / Magento 2, Salesforce / DemandWare platform for the leading clients in Latin America. Having developed several accelerators for the major eCommerce platforms, they state they can save between 30 to 50% of the cost and time to develop of a traditional eCommerce provider to the eCommerce client. With clients including directly or indirectly Liverpool, Sears, Falabella, PriceShoes,, Televisa, Samsung, Televisa, Nokia, Microsoft. Santillana, Telmex and more, these are the key players in Latin America mentioned Mr Enriquez saying that he has only one philosophy "Make it right for the client no matter what". Now the company operates in Asia, Europe and North America with distribuited teams of developers and being able to service clients in Mobile, eCommerce, Big Data/AI and Enterprise services giving the company an edge over its competitors.

Who among our competitors can be proud to mention, "We have half a billion transactions on eCommerce/mCommerce of our own products"? None, absolutely none in the world mentioned Mr Enriquez, if we did this with our own products, imagine what this mature team can now do for your company. The company announced additionally that one of their key products is to generate a sustainable sales strategy for any kind of business, for example. If there is a new car company introducing its vehicles from China in Latin America we would be their best partner to generate record breaking sales during the first years, as they are the most crucial ones in order to position as leaders in their sector.

As far as competition, the company mentioned the existence of quite a few competitors on both eCommerce, mCommerce (Mobile Commerce) and fCommerce (Facebook Commerce) but Inode states they can sell anything to anyone, any company wishing to sell online can purchase one of their products, even basic ones and begin selling TODAY.

Talking about the future of the company, Mr Enriquez mentioned the company is kickstarting several startups within the same company, including, an online retailer with future physical presence in Paris, London, Mexico City, Vail, New York and more; a manufacturer of Wooden, Metal and Glass creations for the crazy, bold and eccentric as described by the founder; Inode Innovation Centre, a real estate project designed to host, launch and turbo charge startups in Latin America and the United States; and a media group Inode Media, who specializes in distributing Music, Video, Movies around the globe working on a royalty model for its members. The group will be launching its IPO around 2020 with the opportunity for any person in the world to invest in the company.

The company was started with 5 American Dollars of its founder´s money. "I have already surpassed my wildest dreams, there is no stopping now, there is no reason why the Inode Group cannot be the Disney of Latin America, it is just a matter of believing in Mexican and Latin American Talent. We are very grateful to ProMexico, Conacyt, UACH, Secretaría de Economia Federal and State Government and Municipal Government of Chihuahua as they have all helped us in great ways. Wishing more initiatives to support Technology based companies in the world".

The company mentioned the partnering with several governments from different regions of the world for an employment generating process where they can train 20 to 50 students at a time, teach them Video Game programming and how to generate recurring revenue from 200 to 500 dollars or more per month. "Imagine what that can do to a student? That can be the difference between a good education or no education at all," added Mr Enriquez. The company is opening and offering this program to any government in the world. They have received have received awards and recognition from OAS (Organization of American States) UN Equivalent in America.

The mobile division finished the interview launching a key product they say will revolutionize the mobile industry. A good quality app they stated can cost the client anywhere from a few tens of thousands to a few hundreds of thousands for a professional grade development. With the development of an own development engine of apps they are launching Inode Turbo Apps that, contrary to the traditional product, this works as a SaaS (Software as a Service) business model, lowering significantly the cost to launch a product. Instead of the client needing to invest large sums of money, the client can pay either a monthly or yearly fee with unlimited updates to the newer versions of both iOS and Android. This way added the company, professionally built apps and games are now in reach of every company. The company has been very successful promoting this service in both North America, Latin America and now Europe and is not looking to open regional offices in several countries to serve its wide array of clients.

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