Identazone® Launches Identity Management Security and Encryption Multimodal Biometric Triad Solutions for Everyday Life

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IdentaZone Inc., the global leader in multi-modal biometric identity management solutions and services, today announced the latest versions of its IdentaMaster(R) and IdentaMaster(R) Pro biometric security applications. Identity management security and encryption multimodal biometric Triad solutions is available for everyday life.

Newest version of IdentaMaster®/IdentaMaster® Pro debuts “Identity Security Triad” allowing users to engage customized biometric security technology to secure data and files in the cloud, on corporate servers and shared spaces, and on individual PCs and PCs joined through the Microsoft Domain Network.

IdentaZone Inc., the global leader in multi-modal biometric identity management solutions and services, today announced the latest versions of its IdentaMaster and IdentaMaster Pro biometric security applications. Existing customers can enjoy an even greater range of capabilities to maintain information privacy and protect critical data, while new customers can experience for the first time the benefits of using the the world's most innovative and versatile biometric security technology.

IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro extends effectiveness, versatility and convenience to redefine the maximum threshold of information security. The “Identity Security Triad” uniquely offers biometric-based triple-protection coverage for the most vital security needs. IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro customers are able to use biometric technology to enable:

  •     Foolproof identity management and access control to MS Windows PC accounts
  •     Encryption of files and data on local PCs, in the cloud, or in shared PC spaces
  •     Encryption of entire volumes (flash drives and both internal and external HDD devices)

“IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro offers a unique blend of technical innovation, design sophistication and performance exceptionalism that cannot be found anywhere else in the security marketplace,” said IdentaZone CEO Michael Milgramm. “We are a sought after partner by other advanced biometric device makers and technology innovators because customers demand the unmatched simplicity and efficiency of our solutions.”

Already, thousands of organizations and their staff trust IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro for their operational security needs. These companies rely on a host of benefits and advanced capabilities, including:

Use with multiple biometric scanners and technologies interchangeably. IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro allows the user to choose a biometric scanner – fingerprint, finger vein, palm, iris, voice, etc. – that suits their needs, or to use different technologies or devices as needed. Information can even be encrypted using one type of technology and then decrypted using another. This availability of platform independence is unique to IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro.

Encrypt data anywhere, access data anywhere. IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro uses biometric security technology to encrypt data on users' PCs, in the cloud, and on PCs connected through the Microsoft Domain Network and shared spaces. Information can be securely shared how and where users need it, including staff working from home or remote, offices in locations around the world, access for vendors and partners, and more.

Engineered precisely for enterprise, small office and/or home use. IdentaMaster has an ideal performance profile for home or small office use and licensing is priced to support these users. IdentaMaster Pro is optimized for enterprises, with the full range of capabilities needed for large organizations.

Providing users the ability to select their preferred biometric technology and devices, as well as use them interchangeably and in combination, is an innovation made possible by IdentaZone's exclusive Patent No. 6,993,659 “Independent Biometric Identification System.” This innovation substantially elevates application security for PC access and data encryption. It also expands the context of biometric security from a simple identity/access management tool, into a comprehensive and integrated data security platform with compatibility across a wide range of biometric security technologies, devices and applications.

“The accelerating frequency and expanding consequences of crippling hacks, data breaches and security failures are driving organizations and individuals to look for effective solutions,” said Mr. Milgramm. “IdentaZone is at the forefront of transforming data security with biometrics. Our development team began with user input as a tool to understand what organizations really needed from biometric security, and we've used that input to engineer IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro in ways that are highly relevant to how users want an effective security solution to perform.”

“Users can always sleep well knowing they are protected by IdentaMaster/IdentaMaster Pro,” Mr. Milgramm added.

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IdentaZone Inc. is a pioneer in multi-modal biometric identity management solutions and the leading provider of patented agnostic unified biometric services. The company's products are the first to eliminate the interoperability barrier that prevented universal biometrics adoption. IdentaZone offers cloud-based biometric identity authentication services for both enterprise and consumer customers, with standard integration protocols suitable to any type of application, regardless of platform or industry. The company's products do not require changes to existing business applications or enterprise systems.

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