New Multi-Player Online Game Tests Survival, Trading and Negotiation Skills

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Geek Games, LLC, releases TiLo: The Game of Trade, Life and Opportunities

Following the increasing trend of HTML5 games, which do not need any application installed in a mobile device, a new multi-player online game has just been released: TiLo, The Game of Trade, Life and Opportunities.TiLo allows its players to test their survival, trading and negotiation skills with other players.

Once registered, a player selects for his/her home one of many countries; pick either Easterland, Centraland, Montaland or Paciland, each one belonging to the Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones in the USA (more countries will be added in the near future). After a home location is selected, the game begins, and could last for days, months or years, as long as the player stays alive and is at home (or has rented a bed from another player) before quitting for the day.

The objective of TiLo is to stay alive, healthy and wealthy. This is achived by consuming food, taking medicine when needed, making investments and trading goods with other players. Money and goods are earned by solving "tile" puzzles (part of the reason for the name TiLo); money can also be earned by playing slots. Sometimes, the player can get ill, for which medications might need to be taken.

Puzzles and slots are scattered along the tiled play board, where each player also has a home tile. To enter a tile, the player has to "walk" along the multiple streets around tiles. Sitting idle, walking or playing puzzles or slots consumes calories and fluids, which affect the player's fat and protein reserves. To keep his/her reserves optimal, the player has to consume food items obtained by solving puzzles. Food items include juice, water, pizza, burger or tomato. Similarly, medications will be needed if the player falls ill with illnesses like "Ramblitis" or "Puritis" -- only known in TiLo's world.

Other items that can be traded are investment items (like stock, gold, diamond or oil) and rentable beds, which can be rented in a per-hour basis to other players that have a health level too low to reach home. Investment items change their value with time, making them an attractive investment for players that love risk.

Another feature of TiLo is the ability to chat with other players -- either a group chat by entering the player's home, or individual chat with another player. The chat mechanism is crucial in TiLo for making negotiations to buy/sell items. All transactions are performed in TiLo's currency, the "cruppie" (C$). (Editor's note: TiLo's currency cannot be traded by real money, it is fake game currency).

Is it better to walk 25 blocks, or buy food from another player? Would it be worth risking one hundred cruppies in slots, or invest them in stock? These are some of the many challenges of TiLo.

TiLo can be played from many mobile devices, like Android and iPhone (it has not been tested on Windows phones) or a home computer using Google Chrome browser. It does not require installing an application, which saves storage space in the player's device. And it's free.

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