CMS North America introduces the IKON, the newest product from the ARES family of CNC machines

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CMS North America announces IKON, a self-contained CNC machining center designed for maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

CMS North America
IKON's automatic debris takeaway system is an exciting development providing increased efficiency and safety.

CMS North America Inc. is proud to announce the newest product from the ARES family of CNC machines, the IKON. This is a completely self-contained CNC machining center that has two heads for performing two identical jobs, two separate jobs, or one job at reduced time. The machine has a double-sided work table so that one job can be loaded on the outside of the enclosure while another is being completed. This leads to maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

An animation of the new CMS Ikon in action shows off the machine's ability to trim a CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) automotive component. Two identical CFRP panels are trimmed simultaneously in one part of the animation while the machine's two heads are used in harmony to create a more intricate trimming in another part. While one or two parts are being trimmed inside the housing one or more other parts can be set up on the other side of the double-sided work table.

One of the more exciting developments in the IKON is the automatic debris takeaway system. Parts are mounted on the machine around 5 degrees off of vertical so that trimmed-away material can fall into an automatic take away system. That means operators don't have to worry about performing any cleanup between trimmings. The total enclosure of the machine will also ensure that harmful carcinogens like dust won't reach the operators.

The ARES series of 5-axis CNC routers is well known for performance, versatility and ease of use. The new IKON features the same intuitive programming capabilities as previous ARES models but is now capable of trimming very light and strong parts for the automotive industry with greater speed and efficiency. As usual, this new CNC machine center can be tailored to each customer's unique machining requirements while adhering to strict safety standards.


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