Introducing Kwik Bandit™ Tie, World's Fastest, Toughest, Safest Tie

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Reusable, all weather resistant, and planet friendly, Kwik Bandit™ Tie was developed to provide a safer alternative to the bungee cord—to prevent eye and facial injuries. In the case of bungee cords failing or becoming unhooked, there is a sudden release of stored energy resulting in high-speed flailing hazard.

Although consumers are accustomed to using bungee cords for both recreational and work settings, the risk of injury is ever present. Kwik Bandit Tie provides a safe, reliable substitute as it does not have a sudden release of stored energy should it become undone. It is being used by a wide range of users: homeowners, construction companies, trucking firms, vineyards, nurseries, power sport enthusiasts, backpackers and the recreational vehicle community.

Chloe O’Brien: “Choosing the right equipment can really be more important than you realize. Safety wasn’t my priority and it almost cost me. The hook of the bungee cord slipped from the eyelet of the wall graphic and hit me directly in my right eye with so much force it knocked me to the ground. After seeing an eye specialist, I was told that I had Hyphema, which is bleeding at the back of the eye as well as some bruising. The blunt trauma that I had encountered resulted in injury to the iris and the trabecular meshwork. I had scratched the right side of my eye and indented it with the force of the hook on the bungee cord. I also had anterior uveitis, which is an inflammation of the middle layer of the eye (the ciliary body). The specialist explained to me that my vision in the side of my eye may come back over time or it may not – it could also get worse. I have caused permanent damage to my eye. That was probably the worst moment of my life, when I realized I’d severely damaged my eye.” Full story at

The American Academy of Ophthalmology states: “Bungee cords are common workplace and household items that have many uses. Despite their utility, they represent a potential source of severe ocular injury”.

Ohio State University: “Bungee cords, elastic devices used for securing equipment, can cause serious damage to the eye that may result in future vision problems if they are not used carefully.”

Vision Force Tifton: “So, you pull and you pull until either the hook breaks or it disconnects from the cord. Sometimes, the hook just wasn’t placed properly and comes loose or slips. Then, the hook, the cord, and/or the fastener come straight at your eye at up to 200 miles an hour.”

Kwik Bandit Tie is available in 3 different sizes and strengths. Visit or email kbtie(at)outlook(dot)com for more information.

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