1-Source Sees Increase in Passive Component Demand

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Manufacturers are increasingly going to hard-to-find part specialists, indicating a possible coming crunch in the components market.

Electronic parts distributor, 1-Source Electronic Components, has noticed an interesting trend in demand recently. Specificially they have observed a large increase in demand for passive electronic components, such as surface-mount capacitors and "chip caps", throughout 2017.

What are "passive components"? "Passive" may sound like those components don't do anything. Of course that's not the case. They are vital parts in any electronic device. Passive is one of the fundamental/basic divisions in hierarchy of components types.

"Passive electronic components are electronic devices that allow electrical current to flow in either direction and do not amplify the signal." - Definition from 1-Source's Electronic Component Encyclopedia (http://www.1sourcecomponents.com/component-encyclopedia/Passive)

Examples of passive components include resistors (which decrease electrical current flow), capacitors, resonators, and transducers (sensors and detectors). Interconnect parts such as connectors and cables are considered by some to be passive components and by others to be in a separate category.

1-Source has been providing both passive and active electronic components, including interconnect parts, to manufacturers of electronic devices for over 16 years. As such, 1-Source has a finger on the pulse of the electronic manufacturing industry, and notices trends such as the previously-mentioned increase in passive component demand.

What does the increased demand mean? It indicates that these parts are getting hard to find so buyers are coming to sourcers of hard-to-find parts like 1-Source rather than their usual franchised distributors.

What is causing it? It is likely due to increased production of electronic devices in a booming market. Electronics manufacturers are potentially gearing up for holiday shopping of consumer electronics.

Why does this information matter? Supply of consumer devices should increase. But also, equipment manufacturers could see delays in production due to supply struggling to keep up with demand.

How long has this trend been going on, and how long should we expect it to continue? It's not just an anomaly or a brief spike. It has been ongoing throughout 2017. Based on strong continued consumer demand, it may continue until component manufacturers decide that the trend is of long enough term to increase production to meet the demand.

What does this all mean for the future? The market for electronic devices only keeps increasing with no end in sight for now. Therefore the market for electronic components is also very bright.

Who can use this info and how? Prices of consumer electronics may drop which is good news for consumers. Electronics manufacturers may be able to consider which parts are in most demand and shortest supply when designing products. They may be able to allow for use of equivalent parts by other component manufacturers or even parts with different specifications if necessary. One of the reasons manufacturers come to 1-Source for parts is that they help manufacturers "spec in" equivalents when necessary.

Manufacturers also use 1-Source to locate hard-to-find parts and keep assembly lines moving, preventing costly production delays. Engineers and buyers can call for assistance, or perform a hard-to-find part search (http://www.1sourcecomponents.com/search) or request a price and availability quote (http://www.1sourcecomponents.com/quote) online.

Founded in 2001, 1-Source is a distributor of both active and passive electronic components, such as capacitors (http://www.1sourcecomponents.com/store/index.php/passive-components-capacitors-c-45_46),
resistors (http://www.1sourcecomponents.com/store/index.php/passive-components-resistors-c-45_66), and
connectors (http://www.1sourcecomponents.com/store/index.php/connectors-c-39), to electronics manufacturers.

For more information about passive electronic components from 1-Source, call 1-800-966-8826 in the US or 1-631-624-2479 outside the US, or visit the company’s website (http://www.1sourcecomponents.com).

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