2ndPassports.com Proud To Announce Georgia Citizenship By Investment Program

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Foreign investors looking to gain second citizenship and a passport to an exciting, forward thinking nation with a growing economy and open free-trade market would be well advised to check out 2ndPassports.com’s incredibly good value Georgia residency/citizenship programs.

Georgian residency/citizenship program that will put an investor on the verge of second citizenship for as little as €25,000

High net-worth foreign entrepreneurs and investors now know that hailing from a country that has a less than perfect relationship with the West need not limit their ability to travel and do business internationally. Granted, being a citizen of a “pariah state” will severely hamper an ambitious business person’s freedom of movement, not to mention cast them in a bad light, but the acquisition of second citizenship to a liberal, democratic country will eradicate such problems permanently.

Suddenly, thanks to second citizenship and a more powerful passport, that business person will be able to travel visa-free to vital destinations, and greeted with a smile and a handshake instead of suspicion.

The cost of second citizenship and a new passport can vary from several hundred thousand dollars for Caribbean citizenship to several million euros for an EU passport. However, 2ndPassports.com is pleased to announce the Georgian residency/citizenship program that will put an investor on the verge of second citizenship for as little as €25,000.

About Georgia

Georgia is a small country of less than four million inhabitants located in the Caucasus region of Eastern Europe known as Eurasia. Georgia borders Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and also has a coastline to the Black Sea. Georgia might be small, but its capital Tbilisi is home to a population of 1.1 million, as many as the UK’s second largest city, Birmingham.

Since 2003, Georgia has been both a republic and a democracy which has made great strides in forging strong business and social allegiances with the West. As a result, Georgia’s economy has enjoyed a dramatic rise, at one point hitting a peak GDP of 10%. Georgia hopes to maintain such growth by reducing taxes and attracting foreign investment. Tourism is one of Georgia’s growth markets, along with agriculture, hydropower and textiles production.

A largely mountainous nation with an extremely diverse geography and ecology, Georgia has multiple climate zones, ranging from alpine/subalpine, with year-round snow, to the bone-dry semi-desert of the East. 40% of Georgia is covered with dense forest which is home to some of Europe’s rarest species of wildlife including lynx, bears, snow wolves and snow leopards.

Does Georgia Have A Citizenship by Investment Program?

In its purest form, citizenship by investment (CBI) involves a nation granting an investor their citizenship and passport in return for a specified financial investment. Only eight countries have CBI programs, three in Europe and five in the Caribbean. These programs are revered by foreign investors as they grant second citizenship within a period of months.

The alternative to CBI is a residency by investment or investor visa program. These programs are far more commonplace, with most EU countries as well as the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand offering them.

With a residency by investment program, an individual is granted temporary then permanent residency of a country in return for a refundable investment. Temporary residency is normally for five years, after which permanent residency can be acquired. After a year of permanent residency, the investor can apply for full citizenship. On average, the process takes six years.

2ndPassports.com has the exclusive rights to Georgia’s Temporary and Permanent Residency programs. These programs are unique in that they give an investor the opportunity to instantly become a temporary or a permanent resident of Georgia, effectively removing either five or six years from the waiting time of a typical residency by investment program, and instead placing the investor on the verge of claiming full Georgian citizenship.

The cost and benefits of both programs are outlined below (for further information contact info(at)2ndpassports(dot)com.)
2ndPassports.com Georgia Temporary Residency Program

Benefits of this exclusive program include:

  • 2ndPassports.com’s Georgia Temporary Residence Program is available for only €25,000
  • An investor will receive their Georgia Temporary Residence Permit within 10 days
  • An investor can immediately apply for full Georgian residency and does not need to wait for the usual five years
  • This program includes a full Georgian driving license in the investor’s name
  • This program grants at investor the ability to open their own corporation within two days of gaining their Georgia Temporary Residence Permit, plus access to full corporate banking facilities and benefits
  • The investor will be granted an exclusive corporate account with either the TBC Bank Georgia or the Bank of Georgia
  • An investor is entitled to a legal consultation during and after the acquisition of a Temporary Residence Permit

2ndPassports.com Georgia Permanent Residence Program

Benefits of this exclusive program include:

  • 2ndPassports.com’s Georgia Permanent Residence Program is available for only €40,000
  • €30,000 of this figure can be used to purchase real estate in Georgia
  • An investor will receive their Georgian Permanent Residency Permit within 15 days
  • An investor can immediately apply for Georgian citizenship, and does not have to wait the usual 12 months
  • 2ndPassports.com’s Georgia Permanent Residence Program includes a full Georgian driver’s license in the name of the investor
  • An investor is eligible to open a Corporation in Georgia two days after obtaining their Permanent Residence Permit
  • 2ndPassports.com’s Georgia Permanent Residence Program provides an investor with Corporate Banking facilities to either the TBC Bank or Bank Of Georgia
  • The program entitles an investor to a legal consultation
  • A Georgian Permanent Residence Permit holder is able to travel throughout Western Europe
  • Once an investor becomes a Georgian citizen, they will have visa-free access to all of Western Europe (not including the UK), the Far East, most of Latin America and parts of Asia

For further information on either of these programs, please contact info(at)2ndpassports(dot)com

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