Insitome Launches “Metabolism,” Offers Genetic Insights Into Important Diet and Nutrition-Related Genomic Traits

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New genomics app reveals the evolutionary story behind our diets and proof that we are what we eat.

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Our goal is to make genomics and the very relevant insights it reveals accessible and understandable for everyone.

Insitome, the company narrating the story you carry in your DNA, today launched their newest offering, the Metabolism Insight. The new app combines the most advanced DNA sequencing technologies with expert storytelling to help users uncover insights into eight important diet and nutrition-related genomic traits. Among the insights Metabolism reveals are genetic markers users possess that affect their ability to tolerate lactose, glucose or alcohol, as well as how you synthesize fat or metabolize caffeine. As a result, users will discover how their genome has evolved and adapted over millennia to form the unique metabolic traits they possess today.

Unlike other consumer genetics companies, Insitome provides evolutionary background and context to explain a customer’s DNA traits, revealing new information about not only who they are and where they come from, but how those traits impact them today. Through a partnership with Helix, a personal genomics company, Insitome is able to leverage the power of whole-exome sequencing technology to provide 100x more data than similar companies. This allows for an unprecedented depth of insight across millions of data points.

“We live in a time in which it’s easier and more affordable than ever to learn about your genome and to understand where we come from as a species: the human journey, and its impact on each of us,” said Spencer Wells, CEO and founder of Insitome. “Our goal is to make genomics and the very relevant insights it reveals accessible and understandable for everyone.”

Insitome’s first offering, Neanderthal, explained which traits users inherited from our Neanderthal ancestors and how they impact life today. With Metabolism, Insitome reveals the next chapter: how humans evolved from hunter-gatherers to farmers and the lifestyle decisions that accompanied that evolutionary shift. These decisions often resulted in key changes that directly impact our diet and health.

Metabolism will analyze the following genetic related traits and reveal the story behind them:

  • Caffeine Metabolism
  • Alcohol Flush
  • Alcohol Tolerance
  • Fat Synthesis
  • Vitamin D Absorption
  • Lactose Tolerance
  • Calcium Uptake
  • Glucose Sensitivity

In addition to uncovering whether a user is lactose or alcohol tolerant, the Insitome Metabolism Insight will explain what specific genetic mutation(s) led to the trait and the story of how the trait shaped human history. Users will receive background and context on their own ancestors’ migrations around the world and how they adapted to their environments through diet and lifestyle changes. Finally, it provides information on how users benefit from these adaptations.

“As our ancestors migrated around the Earth over the past 60,000 years, they experienced drastic changes in their environment and food supply,” explains Wells. “To feed our growing population, we invented farming during the Neolithic era, and adopted new foods as major components of our diets, as well as new ways of consuming our food. The changes in lifestyle and population density that came about as a result of the Neolithic Revolution 10,000 years ago continue to influence us up to the present day. That story, like so many others, is written in our DNA.”

Insitome’s Traits app features individual Insights, like Neanderthal and Metabolism, designed as an immersive story that unfolds over time. “We unveil Insights in chapters,” says Wells. “This allows us to tell a more compelling and understandable story for users than with simply a single overwhelming barrage of data. It's easier, too: sequencing with Helix is something you only need to do once in order to unlock a lifetime of engagement. You never have to re-test your DNA to get the latest scientific revelations. Instead, they’re delivered to you immediately within our apps.”

Insitome’s Metabolism Insight is available on the Helix marketplace for $39.99. Individuals just getting started will also purchase an $80 Helix DNA kit to sequence their DNA.

To purchase Insitome Metabolism and unlock this chapter of your genomic story, please visit

About Insitome

The greatest story ever written is the one you carry in your DNA. Insitome is your gateway to self discovery. We chronicle a human saga that spans thousands of generations.

We combine the most advanced sequencing technologies with expert storytelling to help you uncover your personal genomic story, chapter by chapter, trait by trait.

To craft your narrative, we start with your whole exome. We gather millions of data points that are unique to you. From your regional ancestry to your appearance to adaptations to modern life, our series of Insights help you understand the mystery encoded in your DNA.

The science of the genome is evolving quickly. As breakthroughs occur, Insitome delivers new peer-reviewed data to your favorite device. You always have the latest chapter.

This story belongs to all of us. Get started for just $40 and the cost of easy, at-home DNA sequencing.

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