Technology is Disconnecting Families; Empower Adventures Offers Ways to Unplug and Reconnect

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With the increase of technology, families are interacting less on a personal level; Empower Adventures has solutions for family members to reconnect with each other.

Currently, 95% of all Americans own some type of mobile phone, with 77% having smartphones.1 Mobile phone users are very attached to their devices; more than 40% check their phone within five minutes of waking up in the morning, and over 30% check it right before they go to bed at night.2 Half of consumers even check their phones in the middle of the night.2 Throughout the day, most consumers look at their phones around 47 times, with consumers aged 18 to 24 looking at their phones 82 times daily.2

By its very nature, technology use among youngsters is limiting their availability to communicate with their parents.3 For example, when children were engrossed in technology at the time a working parent arrived home from work, that parent was only greeted 30% of the time, and was totally ignored 50% of the time.3

“Mobile phone use and the use of other technology are creating a great divide in family communication and interaction,” says Joe DeRing, Empower Adventures founder and president. “It’s time for families to unplug from technology and reconnect with each other.”

With work, school and extracurricular activities, family time is already limited, but adding technology to the mix has created a huge disconnection for families.3 Even when families are at home together, they tend to spend more time emailing and texting each other than actually speaking with each other.3 Children who are immersed in technology are less familiar, less comfortable and more insecure with their parents, and they also feel less loved by their parents.3

Establishing a balance is key, and taking time to unplug from technology and other distractions while fully focusing on family members is imperative for engaging with family members and rebuilding the family foundation. Empower Adventures provides activities that empower families to revive their relationships while enjoying an unforgettable experience together. Families can choose from three incredible locations:

  •     In Tampa Bay, Florida, there is a guided zip line course that provides 11 unique activities, including several zip lining opportunities and a walk across the 200-foot suspension bridge giving visitors a bird’s-eye view above Tampa Bay.
  •     Empower Adventures in Middletown, Connecticut, helps families discover a sense of adventure and explore the great outdoors while zip lining on the only true treetop canopy tour in Connecticut. Families can also create amazing memories by tree climbing and rappelling, or during map and compass scavenger hunt treks.
  •     Middleburg, Virginia’s Empower Adventures helps families unite and get back to nature during treetop zip lining tours, rappelling adventures and survival challenges. During the month of October, there are also nighttime Halloween Zip Trips through 20 acres of spooky forest.

“For families looking to fill the connection void and bridge the gap that technology is creating, fun, adventurous activities are ideal for reconnection,” notes DeRing. He explains that outdoor adventures offer the benefit of physical exercise, boosting confidence and family bonding. He notes that, “Fall is the perfect time of year for families to take a break from their wired lives and take a family adventure in the great outdoors.”

About Joe DeRing
Joe is a true American hero. Having served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Joe returned from service seeking to use his leadership skills in a way that would allow him to contribute to society. Partnering with advisors Dev Pathik and Jason Clement, Joe developed Empower Leadership Sports in Middletown, Connecticut. Later, the team created Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay. The center and Joe’s incredible personal journey from battlefield to inspirational adventure operator have now been featured on CNN, FOX, and numerous other media outlets across the U.S.

About Empower Adventures
Empower Adventures operates canopy tours, zip lines, rope courses, and leadership development and adventure activities at its central location in Tampa Bay, Florida, as well as in Connecticut and Virginia (in the Washington D.C. area). At Leadership Sports in Connecticut alone, Empower Adventures has served over 75,000 guests since 2009. The company’s goal is to help guests overcome fears in order to gain confidence and empower themselves; over the past three years, 10,000 guests have visited the Virginia Empower Adventures location, with only four not continuing to the Tree Top Zip Tour.

Empower Adventures utilizes best-in-class techniques to train guides, and offers the highest standard of safety protocols within the outdoor adventure industry. Empower Adventures provides a guide for each adventure group, regardless of size. The adventure center guides at Empower Adventures aim to provide customers with a powerful, memorable and inspirational experience which engenders a positive attitude and encourages teamwork. Outdoor adventure guides are specially trained to cultivate the creativity and problem-solving skills that are necessary to overcome challenges and develop leadership skills. Special team building sessions are also available to facilitate bonding in any group.

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2”Global Mobile Consumer Survey: US Edition | Deloitte US.” Deloitte United States, 9 Aug. 2017.

3Taylor, Jim. “Is Technology Creating a Family Divide?” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 13 Mar. 2013.

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