'No Hangover' V.E.S Premium Vodka & Gin

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A Worlds First - A 'No Hangover Experience' As Acknowledged By Over 1000 x Satisfied Clients

V.E.S All Natural Vodka & Gin To Revolutionise The Spirit Market Worldwide!!

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Threaten to Disrupt the Lucrative Hangover Market

V.E.S. Vodka & Gin Debuts 100% All-Natural Vodka and Gin,

Vodka and gin enthusiasts can now “drink responsibly” and enjoy the first premium spirits that hangover lovers hate. Made from a 1000-year-old recipe using small batch techniques, V.E.S. spirits are targeted at drinkers who hope an exhilarating night out needn't be followed by a rough morning after – why should all that fun come at a price paid by your body?

Are vodka and gin the healthiest things you can drink? “No,” say several scientists without elaborating. Can we agree that maybe there are ways to make consumption of alcohol less perilous to your body from a health perspective? “Yes,” say several other individuals who only by coincidence are involved professionally with V.E.S. Vodka & Gin, who just announced the debut of their new 40% ABV vodka and 45% ABV gin products.

To that end, V.E.S. spirits offer the following qualities, in their vodka and gin:

  • Made from 100% organic ingredients
  • Ingredients grown in nutrient rich soil to enhance quality
  • No other additives
  • Virtually calorie-free

“I'll just warn people ahead of time, if you like hangovers you'll hate our vodka and gin,” said V.E.S. Owner Darryl Tombleson. “We saw an opportunity to go in a different direction than traditional spirits makers, for the very limited segment of drinkers who don't want to wake up next morning feeling like a train hit them. Admittedly it's a select group we're catering to and we're running directly against the untold millions of drinkers who enjoy a good headache, shakiness and some nausea, gripping feverishly the toilet seat to keep from falling in. However, we're confident there's room for vodka and gin products that aim to deliver a great night without a miserable morning after.”

“But we could be wrong, wish us luck,” added Mr. Tombleson.

The story behind V.E.S. Vodka & Gin is an interesting one. The recipe is over 1,000 years old and was recovered from a museum archive by a heroic Indiana Jones-type, then shared with Mr. Tombleson, a hero in his own right as a 25+ year veteran of the hospitality and event management industries. V.E.S. Vodka is made from the purest of waters and organic raw sugar, which creates a smoother product than vodkas that use chemical laden water and potatoes or wheat.

V.E.S. Gin's recipe includes several organic ingredients, including native pepperberry for spice, organic cranberries, finger limes for zest, and other absolutely unique berries and herbs. V.E.S. spirits are crafted with care in a small batch-style process that includes a traditional copper pot distillation method and intense filtration techniques that result in vodka and gin free from the usual impurities that can lead to hangovers.

“Yes, if it matters to you, we've crafted V.E.S. Vodka & Gin to be as healthy as possible, for alcohol at least,” said Mr. Tombleson. “There are millions of people worldwide who appreciate what they eat or drink can impact their health. Or their desire to live the next morning. We agree and suggest they choose all-natural V.E.S. Vodka & Gin as the most enjoyable way to consume premium spirits, without the unfortunate after effects.”

Mr. Tombleson noted V.E.S. is facing headwinds from powerful forces of the Pro-Hangover Lobby, who appear terrified of the looming existential threat. “The aspirin makers have informed us they are looking at their legal options – we're ready to defend ourselves and confident justice will prevail.”

V.E.S spirits are best stored at freezer temperature and consumed straight-up from a frozen shot glass. Looking for a tasty mix? Organic cranberry juice may be added to the vodka or an organic tonic water to the gin.

V.E.S. Gin & Vodka is a formal re-branding of Vitamin Vodka and launches at select locations in New York City next week, followed by roll outs to Los Angeles, London, Europe and Australasia. Good luck, Mr. Tombleson!

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