New Crowd-Sourced Fact-Checking Site Just Launched

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TruthSetter pioneers fact-checking industry with fully transparent, crowd-sourced platform.


TruthSetter Believes in a Free Press for All People.

“Free Press is the basis for any free society. Blatant lies and misinformation serve to undercut democracy. Truth empowers. Fact-checking technology equips our customers with the ability to correct and stop the spread of misinformation,” says TruthSetter Founder and CEO, Julie Wright Smith

TruthSetter empowers the public to participate in the fact-checking process in real-time. Any individual can submit potentially fake articles from their news-feeds using our U-Submit tab for immediate public view. Registered users can log-in using their Facebook accounts, or directly, and access our proprietary fact-checking tools to highlight errors and misinformation they find. Users are provided a link to attach corroborating sources. The public immediately can vote on the accuracy of the fact-check while also observing the voting trends for that article. Statistical analysis determines the votes necessary to affirm the article as fact-checked. Machine learning accounts for and mitigates personal bias.

Fact-checking and “Fake News” have become an international dialogue. “Stopping and correcting false and misinformation will take public input,” says TruthSetter Founder and CEO, Julie Wright Smith. “Free Press is the basis for any free society. Blatant lies and misinformation serve to undercut democracy. Truth empowers a free society. My passion is to ensure a Free Press for all people. No-cost, full public access to transparent fact-checking technology equips our customers with the ability to protect this freedom and stop the spread of misinformation,” Julie adds.

A recent Forbes article spotlighting the proliferation of inaccurate news in social media during the election cycle from August to November 2016 reports fake stories earned more shares, reactions and comments on Facebook than real news stories. According to a Pew Research Center poll, 64% believe fake news is causing “a great deal of confusion” about the basic facts of current events. As Pew explained, “[fake news] makes it harder for any of us to have a shared view of the facts.”

A recent survey of 4,800 news sources found errors in 61% of news. The rate of news inaccuracy is the highest reported in 70 years of accuracy research. Over 48 million malicious bot accounts exist on Twitter to push fake news. Russia purchased 100,000 fake Facebook ads and created hundreds of fake Twitter profiles to fuel divisions during our election. Fake news transcends political ideology. Eight-in-ten Republicans and Democrats, given the platform and opportunity, “will always / or sometimes correct” fake news.

Truth - Fake News is a real and viral problem. Hackers, including those in organized crime and those who are Nation State sponsored, bots, and other online threats pose a risk to Free Press and national media markets. Misleading and blatant fictional news is more prevalent than ever before. The barrier to entry is extremely low; anyone can easily publish sensational articles and misinformation. Social Media injects this false and divisive news into user feeds. From there, Fake News spreads.

TruthSetter revolutionizes the global news market by providing direct fact-checking power to the individual consumer to bring real-time attention to errors and missing sources holding authors and media companies they represent instantly accountable. Built-in metrics will expose agitators and Fake News propagators while promoting those holding to journalistic integrity giving the public discernment about the news they digest. TruthSetter provides the public the tangible means to fact-check those suspect articles popping up in their news-feeds and responsibly stop the spread.

TruthSetter, in addition to launching the consumer- oriented platform, is launching a pilot program for journalists serving local communities. TruthSetter is offering full access to our fact-checking tools for vetted local journalists. TruthSetter is offering these journalists the ability to add their company branding and editorship as fact-checker for any article they upload to the platform with a teaser directing traffic to their newspaper online presence. TruthSetter believes building trust in journalistic principles occurs first at the local level where local journalists have the unique ability to engage communities in diverse civil discourse based in facts. Local news organizations are the cornerstone to our communities and are fundamental to a true and free press.

TruthSetter is an all-inclusive, non-partisan platform and follows the Poynter international code of ethics for fact-checking.

Visit the TruthSetter Fact-checking platform.

Learn more about our Team, Mission and Commitment on our Corporate page..

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