Don’t Let Halloween Turn into a Dental Fright Fest

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The ultimate guide to eating candy, treats with orthodontia from Propel Orthodontics.

Halloween will be celebrated by more than 179 million Americans this year, according to the National Retail Federation, with 70% of people planning to hand out candy. While most kids will be happy to hear that most of their neighbors will be stocked with sugary treats, trick-or-treaters and holiday revelers undergoing orthodontic treatments need to be careful. Eating a sticky candy bar might be enjoyable in the moment, but the cost of a broken orthodontic appliance, emergency visit or cavity might not be worth it.

Propel Orthodontics has created tips for people undergoing orthodontic treatment to help them enjoy the day without paying for it later. All that needs to be remembered are the three C’s of Halloween: chewy, crunchy, clean.

Chewy: Candy and treats that are very sticky are risky to consume when wearing traditional braces. Caramel apples or filled candy bars can break brackets and snap wires. Gummy and taffy candy and even homemade treats like marshmallow cereal bars should also be avoided.

Good Choices: Plain chocolate bars or peanut butter cups.

Crunchy: Candies with hard shell coatings, that have crunch nuts or cookie inside can easily cause damage to braces and other orthodontia.

Good Choices: A lollipop can be a safe choice as along as it is not chewed.

Clean: Sugar is an enemy to your teeth any day. When exposed to large amounts on Halloween while wearing orthodontia cleaning is more important than ever. Be sure to floss, brush and rinse with a mouth wash soon after consuming candy.

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