FortKnoxster Releases Digital Tokens To Bolster Secure Storage and Communication

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We are about to enter a new decade that will react in direct response to the security breaches and hacks that marred this past 10 years.



we also want to make sure no one is listening in or tapping into the lines of communication

FortKnoxster, an encryption service designed to improve the security of your inboxl, file storage, chat and other essential communication functions, has recently announced the launch of a new digital currency. Known as FortKnoxster tokens, or FKX, this currency will revolutionize financial incentives for digital services.

FortKnoxster was founded to solve the large and growing problem of insecure data. Modern companies rely on a wide range of digital services to store and transmit information, making them vulnerable to data theft in virtually every activity they do. FortKnoxster provides advanced encryption for a range of digital services, allowing individuals and businesses to carry out these activities without any increased risk.

The FKX token is a critical part of this secure data strategy. By giving FortKnoxster’s stakeholders a way of profiting that does not rely on selling information to advertisers and other outside parties, the platform ties financial success to users’ data security. As a result, users can be confident that their data is in good hands as long as they work with FortKnoxster.
FortKnoxster’s Solution to Data Insecurity

Insecure data is a financial problem. Skype, Gmail, Facebook, Slack, and other data storage and communication services have the ability to encrypt their users’ data and prevent outside sources from gaining access to it. But because these services rely on advertising for their revenue, their incentives run in the other direction.

Digital companies make money by selling users’ information to outside companies, which use it to created targeted marketing materials. Not only does this expose potentially private information directly to companies that advertise on the platforms, but it increases the risk that other parties might gain access to them as well. Because not all of the companies that buy this data keep it secure, there is an increased risk that hackers will break into it. They can then use it to steal money, destroy reputations, and carry out other malicious goals.

Solving the problem of insecure data requires creating new financial incentives for companies that offer digital storage and communications. FortKnoxster believes it has found this new monetary model. Instead of making its money through advertising, the company will sell digital storage space and other services and goods to its users. While each user will receive a small amount of free storage space, those who want to store large volumes of data will need to pay for additional room. These payments can only be conducted in FKX tokens, which FortKnoxster will release in fixed amounts.

Not only will the FKX token take away the incentive for FortKnoxster to sell data to third parties, but it creates a positive incentive for the platform not to do this. Like all digital currencies, the value of tokens will vary with demand; the more people want to use the platform, the greater demand there will be for tokens, raising their value. But people will only want to use the platform if they believe their information will be secure. As a result, FortKnoxster has every incentive not to make user data available to outside parties, as well as to employ the strongest encryption methods possible for all of its services and files.

Creating Incentives for FortKnoxster Users

Besides giving itself an incentive to keep data secure, FortKnoxster will use the tokens to give its users incentives for contributing to the good of the platform. It plans to do this through a number of different reward programs, which include:

Renting Incentives- FortKnoxster is a decentralized storage network, meaning it relies on individual users’ hard disk space to store data. By paying users who rent space in FKX tokens, the platform will create a double incentive for all users to contribute. Not only do users receive tokens in the short term, but because renting space improves the value of the platform, those tokens will be worth more as additional space is rented.

Referral Incentives- Creating a digital currency automatically creates incentives for users to encourage others to use the platform, as the currency’s value increases with the number of users. FortKnoxster will reinforce this incentive by offering users tokens for every new participant they invite to the platform.

Loyalty & Participation Rewards- Users who regularly take advantage of the platform’s communication and file storage services over the long haul will receive FKX tokens as rewards. This will give them an incentive to make the most of the platform.

Bounties on Bugs- Any platform that offers as many digital services as FortKnoxster does is bound to have some programming bugs, which can undermine both convenience and security for users. FortKnoxster will offer tokens to any users who identify and eliminate bugs. This will speed up the debugging process, encouraging more people to trust the platform and sign up for it.

Overall, the goal of these programs is to provide users who create value for the FortKnoxster platform with a growing share of that value. This will tie the incentives of individual users to that of the platform as a whole, improving its quality and appeal for the long haul.

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