Foreground Offers A Direct Connection For Advertisers & Publishers

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Foreground is launching a new affiliate marketing solution that promises to eliminate bloat and drastically cut fees.



"We're looking to disrupt the bloated affiliate marketing industry, and we're starting with the cryptocurrency and ICO space."

Foreground, an affiliate of the software consultancy Productive Edge, has recently announced the creation of a new platform to revolutionize modern advertising and affiliate marketing. Designed to simplify the marketing process and cut costs, Foreground uses blockchain technology to connect advertisers and publishers, eliminating the need for expensive intermediaries. This platform has the potential to dramatically improve the affordability and effectiveness of marketing while enhancing security and reliability.

Foreground provides the first affiliate marketing product capable of supporting both traditional online advertisers as well as those advertising on the decentralized web. By using blockchain technology, this platform will allow publishers and advertisers to verify each other’s history of payments, past work, and other key factors for vetting potential business partners. This will allow them to determine whether they can trust each other, setting the stage for reliable marketing partnerships.

In order to reward loyal customers, Foreground has developed a token that can be used to purchase discounts on the platform. The value of these tokens fluctuates with that of the platform as a whole, meaning that the more people use Foreground, the more each token will be worth. This creates an incentive for everyone who holds tokens to improve the platform in any way they can.

Foreground’s Solution to High Advertising Costs

Foreground was founded to address one of the greatest sources of high affiliate advertising costs: intermediary payments. Traditionally, advertisers and publishers hire intermediaries in order to find and vet each other. These intermediaries search for publishers and advertisers and connect them to each other. They also look into each group’s past projects, payment histories, and other factors to get a sense of how reliable they are.

While this is a valuable service, it eats up an enormous portion of advertisers’ and publishers’ budgets. The typical advertiser spends nearly 40 percent of their affiliate marketing budget paying intermediaries; for the industry as a whole, this is equivalent to almost USD$3 billion of advertiser spending. Spending so much on intermediaries means that advertisers have less money to devote to creating quality content for their clients, reducing the overall effectiveness of advertising. To the extent that it raises the prices that advertisers charge, it also makes advertising more expensive and less accessible.

Foreground solves this problem by cutting out the middleman entirely. This digital platform takes advantage of blockchain technology, a form of recordkeeping that takes place on a shared ledger.

Foreground uses the blockchain to organize records for advertisers and publishers, as well as to create contracts and other tools that these organizations can use to connect with each other. This allows them to:

Find Potential Partners- Foreground provides a platform for publishers and advertisers to present their services to each other on their own. This allows them to find each other more quickly and without outside help. It also makes it easier for them to consider all possible partners and select the one that best meets their needs.

Vet Independently- Rather than rely on an intermediary to dig up information for them, publishers and advertisers can look at each other’s histories on their own. Because these records are stored in a blockchain, they can be confident that they are accurate, allowing them to evaluate each other without the assistance of a professional researcher.

Be Confident with Contracts- In addition to records, Foreground’s use of blockchain increases the reliability of contracts. Because it is harder for advertisers and publishers to edit contracts, there is less potential for censorship, fraud, and other forms of contract abuse.

By making affiliate marketing safer, less expensive, and simpler, Foreground allows advertisers and publishers to build relationships more quickly and more confidently. This has the potential to improve both the quality and the affordability of advertising.

How DEAL Tokens Enhance Marketing Services

In addition to creating a secure platform for finding and vetting each other, Foreground has also launched a new currency: the DEAL token. The platform sells a fixed number of tokens in exchange for Ether (ETH), a digital currency created by the blockchain company Ethereum. Platform users can buy these tokens for between 0.05 and 0.08 ETH each. They may then redeem them for discounts worth 80 percent of the fees that Foreground charges users, up to a value of 0.5 ETH per token. The more people use Foreground, the more Ether each token will be worth, allowing users to profit more by trading in their tokens. You can find out more about their ICO here.

The DEAL token ties the incentives of individual Foreground users to the quality of the platform as a whole. Foreground hopes that this will convince advertisers and publishers to provide the best possible services, and also encourage others to sign up for the platform. As a result, the number of businesses using Foreground and the value of the services they receive will increase continually, setting the stage for the platform’s enduring success.

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