Obama and Bush Unite Against Racial, Partisan Division in America

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Author Rob Faw reveals common ancestry and political unity of these two former presidents.

Following several years of researching ancient, medieval, and modern-day records of history, author Rob Faw discovered that Barack Obama and George W. Bush are related by a common great-grandfather in the middle ages. His startling discovery supports a new perspective that the deep racial and partisan divisions in America can be reunited given our common ancestry. Racial and partisan differences in America contradict a shining example of the bloodline connection between two U.S. Presidents with quite different ethnic and political backgrounds. Faw recently released his new book, The Adam Connection: One Family Under God, a story that connects each of us to Adam and one another. His story connects all of humanity over six thousand years and 144 generations beginning with Adam and moving onward to Queen Elizabeth II.

Faw said “Genealogists have known for a while that President’s Obama and Bush can trace their ancestry back over 20 generations to 14th century King Edward III of England. However, my research shows the Presidents’ bloodlines go back 1,100 years to the 9th century English monarch, King Alfred the Great. Even more astonishing is that the Obama and Bush bloodlines also converge with Kenneth, the 9th century King of Scotland and 103rd great-grandson of Adam who was born on October 23, 4004 BC.”

The Obama and Bush connection that defies partisan divisions in America, is also affirmed by an ancestral connection to their 13th century great-grandfather, King John of England. King John was the monarch who applied his royal seal to the Magna Carter on June 15, 1215. Known as the “Great Charter”, the Magna Carter remains the first recorded declaration of constitutional law for freedom of the Church, the right of liberties, inheritance, and punishment only by the law of the land. The Magna Carter went on to inspire the founding fathers of America when they wrote the United States Constitution, the supreme law of the United States, of which the former Presidents have solemnly sworn to support and defend.

“For me, these ancestral revelations are unsurprising. There are many more things in the world that connect us than divide us, least of which is our common ancestry. Racial and partisan divisions are regrettable and unnecessary, especially knowing that we are all connected. If Presidents’ Obama and Bush knew this information, they could consider redoubling their efforts to help unite our country and lead by the example of their ethnic and political connectedness” said Faw.

While seeking to reconcile science and God’s creation, the author uncovered 17th century records of Adam’s birthdate that enabled him to show humanity’s connections throughout history. The Adam Connection: One Family Under God is an authoritative cultural, scientific, and religious study that affirms our ancient heritage and the existence of a real Adam and Eve and their connection to all of humanity. This historical truth can no longer be dismissed as a religious myth. “Our interconnectedness reveals personal identity and hope for all of humanity” said Faw.

Readers of the author’s book will discover how God connects all of us to Adam and to one another. Faw was recently interviewed by hosts Michael and Diane Clemons on their show, The Sweet Spot at Faith Strong Today, a digital Christian media group that aims to bring honest conversations, real life stories, and meaningful messages while exploring faith and Christianity within modern culture. The author’s publisher is Xulon Press, the largest publisher of Christian books in North America. Xulon Press is owned and operated by Salem Media Group which owns Salem Radio Network, a full-service satellite radio network that serves over 70 national and regional broadcasters and programming for over 2,300 radio stations. Broadcast news media across the United States that have previously reported on The Adam Connection: One Family Under God include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and Raycom Media.

Rob Faw is a Board-Certified Master Christian Life Coach with a graduate degree in global leadership from the University of San Diego. He is a Research Fellow with The Arthur C. Custance Centre for Science and Christianity. His previous book, World’s Best Value: Global Competition in the Information Age discusses excellence, leadership, and the unlimited capacity of the human spirit. Retailers may order The Adam Connection: One Family Under God ($16.49, paperback, 9781545613467; $8.99, e-book, 9781545616536) through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and from Xulon Press at xulonpress.com/bookstore.

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