Turning Education Inside Out - Confessions of a Montessori Principal

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Judy Dempsey's new book on Montessori education is an instant classic: Its refreshing viewpoint is equal parts ground breaking and trend setting while utilizing a captivating storytelling style. A definite must read.

Turning Education Inside Out, with Judy Dempsey of Summit-Questa-Montessori

Turning Education Inside-Out, Barnes and Nobles Educator Event featuring Judy Dempsey

This is a must-read for all parents considering a Montessori education for their child. Dempsey also offers Montessori administrators and teachers a joyful sharing about her significant Montessori career.

Montessori education is not a new approach to teaching students. In fact, the Montessori method has been in use for well over one hundred years. This child-centered approach has been studied and criticized from multiple angles while also being viewed through multiple lenses. Recently, Judy Dempsey of the Summit-Questa Montessori School in Davie, Florida set out in examination of the Montessori method, and what she has developed is changing viewpoints and opening eyes. Her book, ''Turning Education Inside Out – Confessions of a Montessori Principal" is the culmination of over forty years of experience.

From her work as the principal of Summit-Questa Montessori, Mrs. Dempsey has seen first-hand the impact that the Montessori educational standpoint can have on a child. In fact, she has watched twenty seven years of students progress through her school's academic curriculum, several of whom have stayed in touch after graduation. The same students which once participated in games and learning activities often enjoy returning to the beautiful ten-acre campus to re-visit the place that gave them so many hours of learning, fun, and personal growth. As early as 1976, during her beginning years as an educator, Mrs. Dempsey built her teaching foundation on the principle of education coming from the inside out. This means, to grow a child's intellect, skills, and self-worth, an educator must start to first interact with the child's mental attributes, which will then influence the total child. This principle and the experiences she gained throughout the years have developed Mrs. Dempsey's authority on the topic significantly. This authority has allowed her to create a versatile platform for both teachers, parents, and students.

In fact, Richard Ungerer, the former Executive Director of the American Montessori Society had this to say about 'Turning Education Inside Out':
“This is a must-read for all parents considering a Montessori education for their child. Dempsey also offers Montessori administrators and teachers a joyful sharing about her significant Montessori career.”

When asked about the motivators towards producing a book of this type, Mrs. Dempsey recalled being approached by the father of two of her students: The man was a believer in the Montessori method but was looking for advice on how to explain to colleagues and family the full scope of benefits which are provided for the students. After listening to Mrs. Dempsey's explanation, the man (who also happened to be a book publisher) was so impressed that he suggested she put her thoughts to paper and publish them. Six months later, with the help of J. Ross Publishing, 'Turning Education Inside Out' was born.

Mrs. Dempsey intentionally utilized a very conversational tone and simple pace in her storytelling, which lend themselves to a very easy, light experience for the reader. Also, the book's time spent on Amazon’s bestseller list has shown ''Turning Education Inside Out" to be a favorite not only for personal enrichment but also as a teaching tool in developing future Montessori educators. When looking for an educational book on the Montessori method that is not only easy to read and understand but also written from a point of genuine compassion and authority, this is the book for you.

-David Radke

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