Stefano De Stefano Is The Game Changer Who Can Beat Ted Cruz And Here’s How

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U.S. Republican Candidate for Senate in Texas works to help pave the way to a healthy, functional government for all by returning to traditional Republicanism and addressing the modern day needs of everyday people

Stefano de Stefano, a Houston resident, energy attorney and Republican primary challenger for the U.S. Senate, is helping to pave the way for future generations by focusing on and solving the issues facing Texans and Americans today. The soil is shifting in Texas; de Stefano is encouraged by the clear signs that Texans are ready for a firm break from Ted Cruz. For a long while it seemed that none but he would be willing to take on Cruz and the Bannonites; Stefano knew immediately, with none of the hesitancy of other Republicans in the state, that this was a necessary undertaking.

A Wide Spectrum of Support
Stefano has gained the support of a wide cross-section of citizens, from all socioeconomic backgrounds, Republican, Democrat and Independent alike. The #TiredOfTed hashtag is rapidly gaining followers along with the growing popularity of social media sites and Facebook pages like “Students for Stefano”, that promote that they are ready to have a reasonable, rational Republican who's not afraid to reach across the aisle representing the interests of the great state of Texas in the U.S. Senate in 2018.

Mica Mosbacher, a Houston-based Republican fundraiser who served as fundraiser in Cruz’s 2012 campaign, describes her frustration with the current situation as “extremely disappointed” and says she is “leaning toward supporting [Stefano de Stefano]”, according to Reuters “I was disenchanted with the Senate” she said, “I do find that Stefano is very impressive and would consider supporting him”, according to the Austin American Statesman

The War on the American Dream
“Republicans are being given a real choice, and so are Democrats, especially with Texas being an open-primary state," said de Stefano. “As we’ve seen from recent elections in places like Virginia, New Jersey, New York and others, ‘Bannon’s Barbarians’ are losing steam as they continue to try and divide and conquer and work to rule by fear. It’s more evident than ever that in order for the Republican Party to not only survive, but to thrive, we have to stop the war on the American Dream.

“We must come together and not allow destructive entities to continue to tip over the melting pot,” de Stefano continued. “We are a nation of immigrants, like my father, however our immigration system is broken and being exploited for partisan gain. It encourages people to enter the United States, illegally, which makes our country less safe and secure for everyone. I have a plan to restructure our immigration system in a manner that generates revenue, secures the border, makes the economy more competitive, lowers healthcare and other costs by eliminating the excess burden on our systems and services, and turns undocumented workers into documented workers by harnessing market forces to solve a problem that has hindered American progress for decades. Its time for Texas to lead the nation on immigration policy again”

Getting Back to True Republican Values
Traditional Republican values have been systematically distorted over the past decade. Getting back to the core values of the Republican Party is the primary focus of Stefano’s campaign for Senate. Accordingly, he has the vision to pragmatically address the current issues facing Texas and the nation in the twenty-first century. de Stefano said, “I guess you can call me a pro-business modern Republican."

After this recent election results, it is obvious that Republicans are going to lose seats in the House, Senate and more for a generation if they do not start electing pragmatic leaders. Stefano is the kind of person who can remove the “Republican stigma” that has taken over with the reign of Ted Cruz and help Republicans return to being a national, big-tent party. His ideals appeal to all sides of the aisle, regardless of color, creed, race or religion.

Reaching Across the Aisle to get the Job Done
Stefano is paving the way for a new kind of Republican Party that is based on the party’s origins and updated, as needed, to address the needs of Texans and all Americans today.

On the economy: “NAFTA is an excellent agreement that has helped Texas become a trade powerhouse. Increasing tariffs is absolutely the wrong thing for Texas, and America.”

On immigration: “I deeply oppose this administration's positions on immigration and refugees on moral, economic, and nationalistic grounds and call on congress to find its spine and support re-structuring our immigration laws to permit laborers that want to work in the US to lawfully meet the demands of the American economy.”

On guns: “If we are to stop the scourge of gun violence in America, we must have a real debate in the Senate about what can work, and pass said legislation on a bi-partisan basis.”

On energy: “I will work for common sense, market-based programs to address pollution concerns, knowing that Texas industries will beat out dirty and inefficient energy sources.”

On infrastructure: “I will make securing federal infrastructure investments a priority. America needs to invest in its infrastructure to minimize damage from natural disasters, like hurricane Harvey, and to help our economy grow.”

On Ted Cruz: “My opponent is the face of an ineffective legislature. Still running for president and raising money for 2020, instead of focusing on Texas, he has abandoned Texans in favor of building his personal obstructionist brand.”

On Legislature: “If the legislature continues to cede its prerogatives to presidents, then our republic will not last another generation, and all those in congress who are retiring, or “staying out of politics” are doing a disservice to their children and grand-children. Now is the time to stand with me, and save the republic from ‘Bannon’s barbarians’ at the gates.”

Learn more about Stefano and his platform. For more information about Stefano de Stefano, please visit and the campaign’s official Facebook page.

Stefano de Stefano is a pro-business Republican by birth, an energy attorney by training, and a Texan by choice, running for the U.S. Senate in Texas to unseat Ted Cruz, one our nation’s most misguided and corrosive politicians. With a career built on brokering solutions to major challenges faced by financial and oil and gas companies, Stefano is prepared to take his reputation as a results-based negotiator into the business of delivering solutions for Texas and our nation.

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