In Wake of FCC Ruling on Net Neutrality, RightMesh Announces Token Generating Event to End Reliance on ISPs

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RightMesh restates commitment to expand and strengthen connectivity as a human right, combining mesh networks, blockchain technology, and crypto-token economics.

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RightMesh stands for a free and open Internet, and the recent ruling by the FCC only strengthens the team’s commitment to develop connectivity solutions outside of those provided by incumbent middlemen.

On December 14th the United States FCC ruled to roll back Net Neutrality rules that were designed to protect a free and open Internet.

After the FCC repeals Net Neutrality rules, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be free to slow down, or block, websites and apps as they see fit or charge more for faster speeds. It is the opinion of RightMesh, and many other technology companies, that such a decision erodes a key pillar of the internet: equal treatment for all users. ISPs can technically manipulate internet traffic in their own self-interest without repercussions from the FCC.

“RightMesh stands for a free and open Internet, and the recent ruling by the FCC only strengthens the team’s commitment to develop connectivity solutions outside of those provided by incumbent middlemen,” says Co-Founder and CEO of RightMesh, John Lyotier. “We remain committed to strengthening Internet connectivity in North America and around the world.”

Continued Lyotier, “Though the FCC’s ruling to roll back net neutrality protections is a blow to those who care about protecting the rights of both web users and Internet-based businesses, we hope that if there is a silver lining, it is that people will realize the importance of decoupling our reliance on ISPs for connectivity. A decentralized mobile mesh networking platform, powered by blockchain technology and tokenization, can put the power of connectivity back into the hands of the people. Given this decision, we felt it right to announce today further details of our token generating event.”

A Token Generating Event (TGE) is sometimes called an ICO or initial coin offering. A TGE is an innovative mechanism for a company to programatically generate a unique digital token by a Smart Contract System, whereby the tokens themselves are highly programmable. As such, the token can be used as an economic incentive within a network and store or transfer value between users, devices, or applications. In the case of RightMesh, the token rewards participants for sharing their data connectivity and other device resources (e.g., battery usage, processing power, and sensor information). Users can also use the RightMesh tokens to pay other participants for digital goods and services received across the mesh network. All data moving across the network is encrypted and uses unlicensed spectrum between mesh nodes.

The RightMesh TGE officially begins on February 15th, 2018 when MESH Tokens will be made available to the community in exchange for contributions to the project. The maximum cap for contributions will be US$30,000,000. All contributions will be processed and accepted via Bitcoin Suisse AG, a Swiss-based financial service provider specializing in crypto-assets. US and Canadian residents will be restricted from contributing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the RightMesh platform and protocol, check out their white paper:
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About RightMesh
RightMesh GmbH (a Swiss Company in incorporation), incubated by multi-award winning parent company Left, who itself is a certified B-Corporation located in Canada, is on a mission to bring connectivity to the next billion users using the combined power of blockchain, mesh networking, and its own MESH tokens. RightMesh wireless networks are self-forming, self-healing, and self-regulating, using various technologies in existing smartphones and IoT devices rather than relying on traditional infrastructure and Internet Service Providers. RightMesh’s networking technology is already used in a content-sharing and local messaging app called YO! which has received over 1 million installs and is actively used in emerging markets. Further applications are being developed via the RightMesh SDK, a free platform and protocol for use by others who want to build or retrofit additional mesh applications. An example of one implementation is the community-led initiative to bring connectivity to the remote community of Rigolet, Labrador, by mesh enabling the enuk app.

This announcement does not constitute a prospectus of any sort; it is not a solicitation for investment and does not in any way pertain to an offering of securities in either Canada or the United States, and Canadian and United States residents are expressly excluded from contributing in exchange for any RightMesh Tokens in the public contribution period. This release constitutes a description of the RightMesh platform and the functionality of the RightMesh tokens; it is for informational purposes only and may change as the RightMesh technology develops over time.

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