Radio-Frequency RTLS Technology to Aid Hospital Systems with Wi-Fi Tracking Issues

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Wi-Fi-based real-time locating systems (RTLS) have struggled with performance expectations in hospital systems throughout the U.S., putting patients, equipment and medical staff at risk; MGM Solutions offers radio frequency-based technology that is more reliable and accurate.

Hospital systems incorporating real-time locating systems (RTLS) using Wi-Fi technology to track assets and people in their facilities, are unfortunately seeing Wi-Fi’s inability to support the system. (1) An innovative combination of three technologies which has evolved over years of testing is being successfully implemented in the healthcare environment, delivering more accurate results. Michael Dunfee, Co-owner of MGM Solutions, the developer of SecurTRAK, a leader in Patented Triangulation and Intelligent Boundary Recognition software, states, “Radio Frequency (RTLS) solves many longstanding problems in the healthcare environment, especially in instances where a high degree of accuracy and reliability is required.”

In hospitals, as in other high-tech environments, there are numerous construction and other barriers which block or interfere with a Wi-Fi signal, exposing patients, staff and equipment to risks; such materials include thick walls, concrete or brick, magnetic equipment and various metals. MGM Solutions has developed technology to provide RTLS capability that doesn’t rely on Wi Fi, instead using low radio frequency to track Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags long-range. The software runs atop a tightly integrated blend of Radio Frequency (RF), Diffused Infrared (IR), and Low Frequency RF, all on a single CAT6 cable to accurately track tags in real-time within facilities or across large campuses. Whereas GPS only works outdoors, SecurTRAK works both outdoors & indoors and has proven to be a valuable tool for enhancing the safety of staff and patients, improving hospital efficiency and decreasing costs.

One of the nation’s largest VA centers, the VA Pittsburgh Health Care System, adopted MGM Solutions’ SecurTRAK in 2008. PanicALERT is SecurTRAK’s medical staff duress product which can be activated at the press of a button on the individual’s badge holder, immediately notifying police dispatch and integrating with CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras. With the growing statistic of 154 injuries (from workplace violence) per 10,000 healthcare workers in public hospitals, (2) this technology has been said to provide peace of mind to staff and families.

Non-Wi-Fi-based RTLS is vital for hospital systems including the huge campuses of VA Hospitals—as well as for other large institutional locations—for many reasons. Tracking of equipment is only one aspect of the myriad of potential applications of reliable RTLS technology. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) RTLS systems can be used to monitor in real-time patient and staff workflow and space utilization from the moment they check into an emergency facility, outpatient or inpatient facility. MGM Solutions’ three integrated RTLS technologies can benefit any facility that needs to know accurate location of people or things in real-time. (3)

Building off of the SecurTRAK infrastructure for the VA, PatienTRAK installation was initiated in 2010. PatienTRAK is the SecurTRAK product that tracks at-risk patients in real-time. PatienTRAK allows for customization consistent with each patient’s care plan, and can monitor patients within small or large zones, both inside and outside, and interacts with building systems such as CCTV and automatic locking mechanisms on doors and elevators to prevent egress. If a patient or resident does wander outside of the desired area, they will continue to be monitored throughout the campus in order to ensure safe retrieval by the appropriate staff. PatienTRAK allows maximum autonomy for patients and residents, while not compromising on safety.

Again, building on the same SecurTRAK infrastructure, MGM added web-based AsseTRAK to their suite of SecurTRAK products. This allows patient care and biomed staff to track and locate medical equipment and other assets in real-time from any smart devices’ web browser. Ongoing testing and monitoring has proven location accuracy of 7-15 feet with 99% reliability. The system simplifies and shortens routine maintenance functions, and also ensures the right equipment is always on-hand for patient care needs.

“At a time of continuous technological advancements, improving patient care with the speed and accuracy of a reliable Real-time locating system will make all the difference for a safer and more efficient healthcare environment,” Dunfee added.

About MGM Solutions

MGM Solutions was incorporated in April 1987 with a vision to create a Real Time Locating System (RTLS) that can accurately track and protect patients, hospital assets and medical staff. Over the years they have developed a patented triangulation that integrates a blend of radio frequency, diffused infrared, and low frequency radio frequency (RF) to accurately track patients in danger of wandering, medical staff and equipment in real-time within medical facilities and across large hospital campuses. CEO and co-founder, Michael Maurer, is a Navy veteran. Contact:


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