5 Ways to Supercharge Your New Year’s Resolutions According to Mahesh Grossman of Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management

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Most People Fail within the First Two Months, But These Strategies Will Increase Your Chance of Success.

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Supercharge your New Year's resolution by making a bold commitment to success.

Either get professional help or take advantage of digital opportunities and social media to reach your goal.

If it’s important to succeed at your New Year’s resolution, hypnotist Mahesh Grossman of Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management says that it may require taking unusual steps. According to Forbes.com, only 8% of the 40% of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions actually reach their goal. “Most people fail within the first two months, so if you want to actually make a change in 2018, you need to alter the way you approach your resolutions,” he says. “Make a bigger commitment to success by getting professional help or taking advantage of digital opportunities and social media to reach your goal.”

Grossman suggests the following 5 tactics for to make New Year’s resolutions successful:

1) Start a Pinterest Board for each resolution.

A good way to focus on resolutions is to create a Pinterest board for each of them. There are lots of websites with great information. Make a habit of viewing these sites and pinning them to a Pinterest board. Pinterest will even send emails when someone pins one of the sites you selected to one of their boards, which becomes a good reminder to think about that resolution.

2) Take an online course at Udemy.com

Whatever New Year’s changes come to mind this year, Udemy has a course for them. Many classes are only $12. “None of us know everything,” says Grossman. “If you learn even one thing that helps you reach your goal, the course will be worth it.”

3) Start a Meetup group of people with the same New Year’s resolution.

The old-school way of reaching a goal was finding a partner to be accountable to. Supercharge the process by creating a whole group of buddies by starting a meetup on the topic. Meetup.com will send out notifications to anyone who might be interested in the topic. “If you’re the leader of a group of people who are trying to reach the same goal you are,” says Grossman, “you will be a lot more motivated to keep your commitment.”

4) Make a commitment on social media, then create a personal video or photo diary for friends and followers to show your progress.

Announce the resolution on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and then create weekly posts or videos to show the successes and challenges that are encountered. “This can be like having your own personal reality show,” says Grossman. “The more people who cheer you on, the more you will look forward to showing off your success.”

5) Get hypnotized to succeed at your resolution.

Hypnosis has a tremendous record of success at helping people modify their behavior for items like weight loss and stopping smoking. Actors and athletes frequently use hypnosis to enhance their performance. Why shouldn’t everyone take advantage of it? Studies show that two-thirds of adults are hypnotizable. (Take a quiz here to find out how hypnotizable you are.) “Hypnosis can help you use the power of your subconscious to make any change more natural and comfortable than it would be from just using will power,” says Grossman. “It can also help you break through any subconscious barriers to that might keep you from reaching your goal.”

Mahesh Grossman is a clinically certified hypnotherapist and owner of Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management. Mahesh specializes in stop smoking hypnosis, as well as hypnosis for weight loss, pain management, medical issues, anxiety and depression. His personal mission is to help people make the changes they want to experience by breaking through the unconscious material that causes inner difficulties to the unconditional love and joy that lies hidden just below the surface of everyday life. He offers in person sessions in northern California as well as phone and Skype sessions throughout the world. For a quiz to see how hypnotizable you are, click here.

For more information about Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management or this and other story angles, please call or text Mahesh Grossman at (510) 813-8004 or email info(at)BerkeleyHypnosis.com

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