Neat-Oh! Earns Two Awards on Best Toys For Kids List

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American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) members awarded Neat-Oh!’s Zipes™ Speed Pipes Performance Pack and Neat-Oh!’s Linkt™ Craft Kits Bubble Loops to the 2017 “Best Toys for Kids Award” list.

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“ASTRA’s top picks are different. Instead of being financed by the companies that make the toys, ASTRA's BEST TOYS FOR KIDS list is chosen by a community of people who care deeply about quality toys,” said Kimberly Mosley, President of ASTRA

ZIPES™ SPEED PIPES PERFORMANCE PACK and LINKT™ CRAFT KITS BUBBLE LOOPS manufactured by Neat-Oh! International, LLC have been honored with 2017 Best Toys for Kids awards by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA). Since the Best Toys for Kids started in 2013 only a handful of companies have ever won two awards in the same year.

The Best Toys for Kids Award list features toys that stretch a child’s imagination and help kids unplug from electronic games to rediscover the true joy of play.

“ASTRA’s top picks are different. Instead of being financed by the companies that make the toys, ASTRA's BEST TOYS FOR KIDS list is chosen by a community of people who care deeply about quality toys,” said Kimberly Mosley, President of ASTRA. “Winners are selected by neighborhood toy store owners around the country who watch kids play in their store all day long and talk with parents about which toys sustain their child’s attention and become beloved additions to their toy box.”

“Neat-Oh! International, LLC, along with the others on the Best Toys for Kids Award list, go way beyond the pre-programmed, ho-hum play of so many heavily advertised toys and gives kids play that truly challenges their imagination, creativity, and other skills,” continued Mosley.

“We are thrilled to be a TWO-TIME winner on the 2017 Best Toys for Kids Award list” said Dee Farrell, Senior Vice President of Neat-Oh! “And after 12 years in the industry, I know just how meaningful this awards is. Our mission at Neat-Oh! is to make Playtime Even More Special for kids and their parents. We create toys that are safe, that are premium quality and that are designed with play in mind. Receiving two Best Toys For Kids Awards shows we’re right on track with our mission.”

According to Dee, the award is also recognition of Neat-Oh!’s support of local neighborhood toy stores. Neat-Oh! developed both Zipes™ Speed Pipes and Linkt™ Craft Kits with the plan to make them available to small specialty retailers ahead of all other channels in strong support of shopping local.

About the winners:
Zipes™ Speed Pipes Performance Pack, winner in the “Choose Your Own” category. Zipes™ Speed Pipes is the first and only high-speed toy to run inside pipes. With a little creativity, kids put together Zipes™ Speed Pipes that can twist, loop and seemingly defy gravity. Kids can make crazy builds and then speed Zipes™ Racers crazy fast through the pipes.

Zipes™ Pipe builds are dynamic and can be tangled 360 degrees even while the vehicles are zipping through the pipes. This unique new dimension of play expands kids’ way of thinking and makes things crazy fun. Zipes™ Racers are illuminated and the sets contain a cosmic strobe ball that creates an awesome light show when room is dark.

Unlike any other RC vehicle, Zipes™ Racers have special technology and a 50.000 RPM motor that allows them to navigate inside the pipes at high-speed, defying the rules of gravity.

Zipes™ Speed Pipes Performance Pack

  • Target Age: 5+
  • Retail Price $59.99

Linkt™ Craft Kits Bubble Loops, winner in the “Creative Arts Play 7” category

“Linkt™ Craft Kits are a new way to introduce the historic art of chainmaille to tweens 8 and up,” says Dee Farrell Senior Vice President of Neat-Oh! “Chainmaille-linking metal rings together to create intricate patterns and designs can be quite challenging and has never been made accessible to kids…until now. In a single box, tweens have everything they need to make many stunning metal jewelry creations in 30 minutes or less.”

Chainmaille artistry has existed for more than 1000 years, most famously used in protective gear (mesh shirts) worn by medieval knights. While learning a new skill and a craft that will last a lifetime, young artists create real stunning metal jewelry. The metal is soft enough to bend by hand but strong enough to make lasting, real jewelry. With Linkt™ Craft Kits, tweens can make professional artisan quality jewelry faster than they think.

Linkt™ Craft kits contain original designs by Rebeca Mojica, world-renowned chainmaille artisan and award winning jewelry designer. Rebeca is involved in every detail – from recommending colors to the detailed sizing and measurements of each and every included ring.

The designs range from super easy to challenging. All are fun to make. Kits also include crystal clear colorful instructions; videos to go along (on YouTube) and a magic patent pending layout tool that hold rings while you weave.

With Linkt™ Craft Kits Bubble Loops tweens can make 5 stunning necklaces OR 5 stunning bracelets OR a combination of the two.

About Neat-Oh! International, LLC

Neat-Oh! is a company born from creativity, innovation and true care for children and parents. Neat-Oh! has been making playtime even more special for over 12 years, offering a large range of products such as Dinosaur Toys, Every Day Princess™ dolls, Magnutto® Junior Activity Sets, ZipBin® Toy Storage – even Barbie™, Hot Wheels™, Thomas & Friends ™ and StarWars™ licensed products as well. In 2017 Neat-Oh! introduced two new brands to their portfolio – Linkt™ Craft Kits and Zipes™ Speed Pipes, now winners of n the 2017 Best Toys For Kids Award

With over 100 awards and endorsements from parents across the globe, Neat-Oh! products are recognized for superior quality, workmanship and materials. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee and world-class safety testing programs make it easy for discerning parents who want only the best and safest products in their home. For more information, visit

About the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA)

Founded in 1992, the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) is an international not-for-profit trade organization that serves more than 1,800 independent retailers, manufacturers and sales representatives in the specialty toy industry. ASTRA is a community of dedicated professionals committed to providing children with healthy, quality play materials that have high play value and are designed with a focus on what the child can do, rather than what the toy can do. ASTRA members are leaders who, through their businesses, make a positive impact on the economy and culture of the communities they serve. For more information, visit

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