New Children’s Book Presents Fun, Rhyming Breathing Techniques for Managing Stress

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Eileen Michele emphasizes the importance of staying calm

According to Eileen Michele, some individuals do not realize stress is often absorbed by the children around them. Her nine-year-old daughter experienced extreme anxiety and, without warning, stopped breathing as a result.

Now, Michele looks to inform individuals interacting with kids of the dangers of stress on children, as well as teach young kids how to manage unsolicited tension. She presents her personal relaxation methodology and fun narratives in “Happy Me! Relax and Breathe.”

“Happy Me! Relax and Breathe” is a children’s relaxation book that features three, short, rhyming stories designed for young readers. It showcases simple controlled-breathing techniques that will help children calm themselves during stressful times. Michele’s stories were developed from real-life experience out of desperation to help her daughter relax and breathe again, due to her anxiety.

Michele’s breathing techniques have become a successful tool used by Speech and Language Pathologists, Early Childhood Educators and Childhood Therapists. The methods help children control their breathing, center their focus and confront anxiety in several different forms, such as bullying, demanding schedules or transitional life periods.

“Children absorb stress,” Michele said. “They are not resilient to it. Symptoms may appear in many forms and change the direction of a child’s life. A child may display aggression towards others, or shy away and withdraw. If not taught the simple self-calming skills to relax and breathe at an early age, this may be where bullying begins.”

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“Happy Me, Relax and Breathe is the latest addition to my therapy toolkit. I use this book with children on the autism spectrum, Down Syndrome, hypotonia, anxiety, apraxia, fluency and dysarthria.” –Elizabeth Nesser MS, CCC-SLP; Speech and Language Pathologist    

“Happy Me! Relax and Breathe”
By Eileen Michele
ISBN: 9781480827301 (hardcover)
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Archway Publishing
About the author
Today, Eileen Michele and her four children live in northern California. The book, that was developed out of desperation to help her older daughter at a young age, is now used by her younger triplets as a fun story that features breathing techniques. They enjoy the book and also share it frequently with their friends.

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