RightMesh Announces Progress of Application for Tracking Environmental Data in Remote Community of Rigolet in Northern Canada

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RightMesh continues support for the Rigolet-led initiative to develop a file sharing application to help local residents track environmental changes.

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RightMesh is supporting Rigolet’s community-led development of the enuk app with its blockchain-backed, mesh networking protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing among residents.

Mesh networking platform and protocol, RightMesh, furthers its aims to expand connectivity in remote areas by supporting a community-led initiative to deploy a mesh-enabled file sharing application, enuk, that residents of Rigolet, Labrador in Northern Canada can use to track changes in the environment.

The town of Rigolet in the Labrador province of Northern Canada is primarily an Inuit community where frozen rivers and streams are the only “roads” in and out of the town. Consistently warmer temperatures have made travel on these “frozen highways” incredibly dangerous. In order to adapt to the impacts of environmental change, the community has looked to technological innovations.

In conjunction with the University of Guelph, RightMesh is supporting Rigolet’s community-led initiative to develop and deploy the enuk application, which will allow residents to share important information about changes in the environment, including ice thickness.

Internet connectivity is not particularly strong or reliable in this remote region, and residents cannot rely on services available through Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to share data and communicate. The United Nations deems connectivity to be a basic human right because of the economic and social benefits that connectivity entails, and yet an estimated 4 billion people worldwide remain unconnected. The problem facing remote towns with relatively small populations, such as Rigolet, is that ISPs are not economically incentivized to build better infrastructure in those areas.

RightMesh believes that people around the world deserve strong connectivity regardless of where they live. This is why RightMesh is developing a mesh networking platform that incorporates tokenization enabled by blockchain technology to incentivize users to share mobile device resources, such as Internet, data, and storage.

A mesh network is a set of interconnected Wi-Fi access points, or nodes, which need not be directly dependent on an ISP in order to provide users with connectivity. Until now, mesh networks have not been successfully deployed on a mass scale; this struggle to scale up is in large part due to users having little incentive to share surplus resources. RightMesh uses blockchain, the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether, to address the lack of incentive to share resources. By building its mesh platform on the Ethereum blockchain, RightMesh is able to reward users for sharing mobile device resources with an in-network cryptocurrency called MESH Tokens.

RightMesh is launching a token generation event on February 15th, 2018 in which MESH Tokens will be made available to the public in exchange for contributions to the project.

In what will be one of the product’s first use cases, RightMesh is supporting Rigolet’s community-led development of the enuk app with its blockchain-backed, mesh networking protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing among residents, even in areas with extremely unreliable Internet.

Dr. Jason Ernst, Chief Networking Scientist at RightMesh, has been making periodic trips from RightMesh headquarters in Vancouver to Rigolet to perform important tests and measurements needed to develop the enuk app. During the last trip, data transfer speeds were observed to be 0.75Mbps, which is notably slower than the 1000Mbps measured in Vancouver. Such observations underline the importance of continued development on the enuk app that will enable residents to share data and communicate without over dependence on ISP infrastructure for connectivity.

RightMesh has made its beta protocol SDK available to select Android developers worldwide. Developers can use the protocol to retrofit existing applications and build new applications that are mesh-enabled. For more information on how to apply for the developer SDK or join the token generation event, visit the RightMesh website: https://www.rightmesh.io/

To schedule an interview, please contact Nikki Brown at Melrose PR; nikki(at)melrosepr(dot)com or call (310) 260-7901.

About RightMesh
RightMesh GmbH (a Swiss Company in incorporation), incubated by multi-award winning parent company Left, who itself is a certified B-Corporation located in Canada, is on a mission to bring connectivity to the next billion users by multiplying the combined power of blockchain, mesh networking, and its own MESH tokens. RightMesh wireless networks are self-forming, self-healing, and self-regulating, using various technologies in existing smartphones and IoT devices rather than relying on traditional infrastructure and Internet Service Providers. RightMesh’s networking technology is already used in a content-sharing and local messaging app called YO! which has received over 1 million installs and is actively used in emerging markets. Further applications are being developed via the RightMesh SDK, a free platform and protocol for use by others who want to build or retrofit additional mesh applications.

This announcement does not constitute a prospectus of any sort; it is not a solicitation for investment and does not in any way pertain to an offering of securities in either Canada or the United States, and Canadian and United States residents are expressly excluded from contributing in exchange for any RightMesh Tokens in the public contribution period. This release constitutes a description of the RightMesh platform and the functionality of the RightMesh tokens; it is for informational purposes only and may change as the RightMesh technology develops over time.

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