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"Wake Up, America!" presents startling facts about the health of Americans – from youth to the elderly – and the resulting economic and social costs being borne by families and society. Learn what can be done to prevent this alarming epidemic of declining quality of life.

America has a health crisis brewing.

America has a health crisis brewing. Statistics from the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) show the worsening health of all Americans, but especially for seniors. As a group, seniors increasingly suffer from chronic diseases that can be prevented. Yet despite the fact that an exercise program emphasizing muscle strengthening can improve overall health and fitness, 78% of Americans fail to meet the CDC guidelines for muscle strengthening.

Without changes, Americans will continue on the current path of worsening health and increasing social and economic costs of dealing with it. But this doesn't have to continue. By working together to provide education, change policy, and adopt muscle-strengthening, nutrition and health and fitness goals nationwide at all age levels, we can prevent the crisis from developing.

Here are specific steps to help reverse the current trend:

  • Policy changes that provide incentives to maintain good health and fitness such as a tax credit or reduced health insurance premiums for qualifying exercise programs.
  • Adopt the corporate wellness model of investing in a program of education, coaching and performance incentives. Providing awards for meeting a health goal or completing an exercise program or engaging in best practices like food journaling are examples of these practices.
  • Introduce instruction on proper health and fitness in schools at all grade levels. We can build a nation of healthy and fit people by teaching children the importance of physical activity and the basics of sound nutrition. Teaching youth the value of regular exercise is critical and of equal importance to the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as reported in its Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report, levels of physical activity among youth remain low, and decline dramatically during adolescence. Opportunities for regular physical activity are limited in many schools; daily PE is provided in only 4% of elementary schools, 8% of middle schools and 2% of high schools.
  • Change the way physical activity is promoted. If physical activity becomes more appealing, people will be more receptive to engaging in it.

Americans are spending more on health and fitness today than ever before, yet are in the worst health ever – and predicted to get even worse. As a nation, Americans are prone to health and fitness hype, not results. Messages from the health and fitness industry hurt, not help, this problem.

Three things provide the foundation to develop health and fitness: a proper muscle-strengthening program; a diet based on whole natural foods; and adequate rest. People who focus on these three things make fast health and fitness improvements. And as health and fitness improve, energy and movement efficiency increases. In turn, this provides the ability and desire to be more active in outdoor activities like walking, hiking, gardening, biking, kayaking and the like, which meet the CDC guidelines for aerobic activity.

By working to change the perception of exercise from optional to required; making changes in public policy to provide incentives for improving health and fitness; and emphasizing muscle-strengthening, nutrition and rest as the basis for health and fitness, the looming health crisis can be averted.

To help spread this message, contact Lance McCullough for both discussion and interviews. Lance is a world champion power lifter and certified personal trainer. Health and fitness is his life's passion. He has conducted over 100,000 personal training sessions with clients of different ages, goals, physical condition and fitness levels. He developed a safe and effective workout program built on muscle-strengthening exercises. The program delivers results for youth, seniors, amateur and professional athletes and fitness competitors.

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